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Article updated on October 20, 2022 by Fidel Navamuel

How to give color to your old black and white photos? How do you inject some life with color into historic photos? How to colorize images in seconds?

Switching to color or colorizing black and white photos is within the reach of anyone who has mastered professional digital image processing software such as Photoshop. If this is not your case, you can still work real miracles thanks to artificial intelligence and the development of online digital tools. You can now successfully colorize black and white photos in two clicks three movements.

Here is five amazing online tools that will automatically color your photos in black and white. The result is amazing.

Image Colorizer. From black and white to color

Image Colorizer is an online tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to color the old black and white photos and give them new life. This is a fully automatic process. Automatic and fast, Image Colorizer allows you to colorize black and white photos in just a few seconds. The tool is completely free. You upload your image, one click and three seconds later, your color image can be downloaded. Note that the site does not keep any trace of the images, all uploaded photos are deleted every 24 hours. One of the best tools of its kind.

Palette. Colorize an image online in one click

colorize pictures

Palette is another solution that stands out for its simplicity and the result obtained. Simplicity, it is actually difficult to make simpler. You don’t need to register or download anything. The service keeps nothing from you. Neither your identity nor your images. You drop your image and one click later you have your colorized image ready to upload. The site offers you a dozen different filters to play with colors.

DeepAi. An API to colorize all images and videos

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DeepAi him too shines with its ease of use. It will allow you to colorize black and white images or videos using an image colorization API. Add color to old family photos and historic images, or bring old film to life with colorization. This image colorization API is also based on artificial intelligence. This one works wonders and has learned how to bring color back to black and white images.

PicWish. A powerful online photo editor


Picwish is actually much more than a free utility to colorize your images. It is a complete photo editor with many functions such as the possibility, for example, of remove background from image. More recently, it added the color option. It allows you to transform a black and white photo into color. Objective, among other things, to bring old black and white photos back to life. How to proceed ? You upload your black and white photo and within seconds it’s color-coded and ready to download. The result is very nice.

Cutout. Add color to your images

Pictures colorize

Cutout he also knows how to do many things to allow you toimprove your images or videos. Optimization, cropping, removal of backgrounds and of course switching to color from black and white images. The site says it uses AI image coloring algorithms tested on millions of black and white photos. Either way, the result is good. The colors are natural and realistic. Your old photos will surprise you.

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5 tools to colorize photos online for free – Tice Tools

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