A solution to increase the affluence rate of tourist places

How many customers will there be on such and such a date? In which regions is it better to target marketing campaigns to attract the maximum number of visitors? How many more employees will it be necessary to plan for on a Saturday with good weather? Artificial intelligence algorithms manage to answer all these questions.

Specializing in demand prediction, Apollo Plus has been helping tourism players embrace the data revolution for more than five years. By providing an easy-to-use solution, the startup collects, normalizes and unifies heterogeneous and scattered data.

Objective: predict visitor behavior at tourist attractions

Apollo Plus enriches its customers’ data daily to make visible what was not. It is a question of accompanying its various customers in their evolution. The objective is to combine everyone’s experience with segmented predictive models created specifically for them, all in collaboration with the CNRS.


The agency helps its clients to develop, to gain digital maturity, to tame artificial intelligence and to evolve in the finesse of the perception of their activity. The solution allows fine-tuned management by segment in order to know what to do in terms of price, attendance or media plan.

The result of many years of research and development, Apollo Plus solutions now equip around ten institutions. These improve the marketing plan, the management of the commercial activity, the calibration of the workforce but also the calendars and opening hours. The startup’s promise to its customers is to offer gains in traffic, turnover and operational performance. “We are able to find laws, behaviors which are reproduced systematically and which make it possible to improve the meeting between supply and demand. By making the right decisions in terms of pricing and management of sales channels, for example, operators generate more traffic.” explains Thomas Isnard, Founder and Director of Apollo Plus.

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The different customers

The various customers use the artificial intelligence solution of this French company to increase their attendance rate. “The human brain, which is in my opinion irreplaceable, does not see certain things and this software allows us to make them visible”, continues Thomas Isnard. Its software can more accurately identify which audience visits theme parks. “Specifically for the Puy du Fou, we found that there are 2,000 different types of customers who come to the park: a basket of two adults, a basket of two adults and three children, a basket of two adults and two children etc”what “allows you to see that two adults and two children, two adults and a child do not have the same behavior when booking as when visiting”.

The work of artificial intelligence

According to Lætitia de Ménibus-Gravier “this tool has been a real crutch during the pandemic”. During this period, the place had to define one closing day per week, without knowing which one. Apollo Plus has therefore studied information from the past five years and concluded that Friday was the lowest day in terms of attendance. “If we had to analyze all the data by hand, it would have taken us a long time”, adds the CEO of the Gouffre de Padirac. The startup’s solution saves time for its customers. She concludes that it is “artificial intelligence that does the work for us, allowing us to quickly make informed decisions”.

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A solution to increase the affluence rate of tourist places

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