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Advestis provides Research & Development services under the “contract research” modality. A Contract Research Organization is a private structure that achieves most of its turnover in the form of R&D contracts. The company constantly invests to develop specific skills allowing it to be at the state of the art on advanced technologies.

The particularity of our offer lies in the fact that we work according to a logic of partnership of innovation and collaboration around research. We operate through packages, with the aim of co-development with our clients, to whom the intellectual property of the research work belongs. “, explain the persons in charge of the company.

Operational know-how at the service of customers

Since the creation of the company in 2011, the company’s team has supported clients from three major sectors of activity: financial institutions (historical segment of the company), new energies, as well as biology. computational and biostatistics.

The company then brings all its know-how by working hand in hand with business engineers and Research & Development teams to jointly develop algorithms based on Machine Learning techniques.

For a company using a research company under contract, the innovation work carried out is then faster and above all less expensive.

Tailor-made algorithms for specific business needs

To carry out its activity, Advestis uses many techniques related toartificial intelligence. Techniques which aim, in particular, to model complex phenomena from the processing of structured data.

Whether in the field of health, investment or new energies, Advestis works following a logic of research collaboration to co-develop tailor-made algorithms.

We don’t believe in the universal algorithm; on the contrary, we believe that to solve a specific business problem, only a tailor-made algorithm can provide a fully appropriate response! The idea is then to offer customers a wide choice of tools; a kind of Swiss army knife where each blade provides access to various functions to meet their specific needs thanks to a technical combination “.

Speak the same language as their customers

To support its customers in the best possible way, the company employs young doctors, mainly in mathematics and physics, who are able, thanks to their scientific knowledge, to identify specific business expectations.

Thanks to the know-how of its teams, Advestis works today with institutions such as TotalEnergies, Ecofi Investissements, or the AP-HP through the Bichat hospital.

The company is also a member of France Innovation: a professional association that brings together private service providers specializing in research and technological development.

The Need for Contract Research Firms

According to the group’s managers, today there is a real need for large companies to maintain their research efforts by having recourse to contract research companies.

For large companies, it is indeed increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to carry out all R&D tasks internally in the face of the constant arrival of new technologies. “.

Since 2005, the French State has also implemented several reforms aimed at creating an ecosystem around innovation and the knowledge economy, in particular through contract research companies — an observation that doctor in sociology Chloé Renaud established in 2012 in a publication entitled: “The emergence of contractual research: towards a redefinition of the work of researchers? “.

Faced with the needs of many players, Advestis plans to continue its development by highlighting the innovation capacities of French research, whether through the establishment of partnerships with French laboratories, or through the recruitment of established researchers. in France. The company is also announcing its strong comeback to deploy artificial intelligence techniques in the service of biology and medicine.

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Advestis: Artificial intelligence research company – Challenges

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