AI & radiology: AP-HM partners with Milvue and Incepto

drawingAssistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM), one of the largest university hospitals in France with 4 hospitals and 3,200 beds, has announced the signing of a strategic partnership with two companies specializing in artificial intelligence in radiology , Incepto and Milvue.

This partnership aims to support the design, development, integration and production of artificial intelligence solutions within the Imaging Division of AP-HM. This is a world first, which aims to scale up efforts across the value chain to improve radiology care and diagnostics through AI.

The AP-HM has chosen the companies Incepto and Milvue to accelerate, structure and amplify its leadership in the field of AI in radiology as part of its radiological medical project of its “Imagery Pole”. This Division is a major player in radiology with more than 450,000 examinations per year. This partnership will enable AP-HM doctors and their patients to benefit from these technological innovations in a large number of care areas such as emergency care, oncology, paediatrics, etc.

A lung cancer diagnostic support solution, which has already been used in a study, will soon be deployed on a large scale to improve the management and monitoring of this pathology, which is the most murderer in France. This will reduce patient wait times and improve diagnostic outcomes.

This partnership to deploy the first technological platform for the design, testing and dissemination of AI projects in radiology within all the hospitals of the AP-HM group. This platform will allow the implementation of the procedures (annotation, training of local algorithms) necessary to accelerate the design of new AI solutions while guaranteeing ethical data processing in accordance with respect for the rights and safety of patients.

The Incepto and Milvue teams will work with the radiologists of the AP-HM to identify and bring out the innovations of tomorrow, have them supported by the medical profession and bring them routinely to the heart of medical practices.

The unique Incepto platform will allow AP-HM radiologists to access, in clinical routine, AI solutions developed internally by AP-HM, solutions co-developed with industrial partners and solutions already existing on the market. This platform will enable an orchestration of innovations in the radiology workflow to improve radiology care and diagnostics.

François Crémieux, Director General of the AP-HM

“This partnership with Milvue and Incepto poses major challenges: today, there are many ideas germinating around artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of imaging. The challenge is to move from ideas to projects that really serve the diagnosis and care of patients or the quality of work of professionals. This 100% French partnership is at the heart of this challenge and the AP-HM will provide its partners with the playground that will make it possible to materialize good ideas and develop AI algorithms and especially their integration into the overall diagnostic process. . Our goal is also to go fast. Much faster and save time in the long process, sometimes a real valley of death, which leads an algorithm until it is put into production.

Healthcare AI is a sector where France can be one of the best European leaders, but on the condition that in addition to being good, we are fast. I am certain that this partnership will contribute to this. And finally, this project fits in an exemplary way in the major challenges of the AP-HM for the decade with our ambition to be a major center of innovation in health on a national and European scale. »

Alexandre Parpaleix, Radiologist, Founder of Milvue

This partnership is a high point in the development of French know-how in the field of artificial intelligence. By allowing ultra-secure access to large quantities of data and by offering annotation services through the collaboration of expert radiologists, the AP-HM paves the way for the necessary alliance between hospitals and AI suppliers and allows to envisage an unprecedented acceleration of the development of algorithms. From 2023, Milvue will launch a series of work programs within the framework of this partnership with the Medical Imaging Center of the AP-HM.

Antoine Jomier, CEO and co-founder of Incepto

We are very proud to have been chosen by the AP-HM to support them in their ambitious project to create and co-create AI solutions within their establishments. This marks a new step in the development of Incepto and helps to further extend our promise to bring better applications of AI in the field of health to the greatest number of patients in France. This partnership marks the birth of a strategic alliance for the radiology sector in France“.

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AI & radiology: AP-HM partners with Milvue and Incepto

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