Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, all the best Smartphone offers for the French Days

You want to change phone ? If there is a period not to be missed before the end of the year, it is that of the French Days. During this commercial event, the biggest manufacturers multiply the promotions on their smartphones before announcing those which will come out between the summer and the end of the year. Get ready, there won’t be enough for everyone!

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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During the French Days, it is possible to find a quality smartphone at a reduced price at several e-tailers. If you want to renew your aging phone, here are several models not to be missed!

French Days 2022: the best smartphone offers at Amazon

How to choose your smartphone during the French Days?

Today, smartphones are as complex or even more complex than computers, not to mention the price which also tends to climb to get closer to large screens. This is why, even at a bargain price, this type of purchase should not be taken lightly.

Android or iOS?

The most common operating systems are iOS and Android. iOS is found on Apple’s smartphones, and it’s known for its security and high number of updates. However, it offers limited options for hackers. Android is the operating system for all other brands, including Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. These brands add their own overlay of unremovable applications and additional functions to the operating system. Android One is a stripped-down version of Android for Google’s Pixels. It is regularly maintained and also comes with monthly security updates.

screen size

Size is very important when choosing a smartphone. A slightly smaller cell phone fits in your pocket and is easy to use with one hand. These smaller phones are not suitable for gaming or for comfortably watching movies and series. Smartphones with a slightly larger screen are a better choice for this. They are more difficult to use with one hand. There aren’t many small smartphones out there these days, with the iPhone 13 Mini the only viable option if you want to pick up a really recent smartphone.

processor and memory

If you like to play games or use a lot of applications at the same time, the performance of your smartphone is very important. Two main factors come into play: the processor and the RAM. The more RAM, the more tasks the smartphone can perform at the same time. The processor remains the most important for judging pure performance since it operates all the calculations as well as the graphics tasks.

The camera

The camera has become an essential point on a smartphone, we also speak today of “photophone”. It must be said that boosted by artificial intelligence algorithms, they are becoming more and more efficient. Smartphones with a single photo sensor have become the exception when they were the norm. However, do not be fooled by low-cost models offering 3 or 4 sensors because these are often misused.

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Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, all the best Smartphone offers for the French Days

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