“Artificial intelligence”: Logitech’s Sight camera arrives…

Logi Sigh, the 2X 4K pro webcam.

Too often meetings in hybrid mode falter by the quality of the sound or the absence of suitable video. On the very select market of pro devices, Logitech is launching a new videoconferencing camera boosted with algorithms. Sight will land in mid-2023 at 2,590 francs.

This new videoconferencing camera assisted by “artificial intelligence” (AI) is one of the elements that should improve hybrid sessions. According to the manufacturer based at EPFL in Lausanne, it is thus compatible with products such as the Rally Bar or the Rally Bar Mini.

To end the discomfort

This super webcam intelligently captures the best point of view for each participant and actively follows the conversations taking place in the conference room thanks to seven microphones coupled with an ambient noise reduction system.

Mischievously, Logitech notes that in today’s hybrid working world, 43% of remote workers say they do not feel involved. This new opus should thus contribute to eliminating this malaise by bringing collaborators closer together.

“Artificial intelligence”

Driven by “artificial intelligence”, Logitech Sight notably includes two 4K cameras and seven microphones creating a beamforming matrix. AI chooses the best view between table camera and front camera, intuitively switches between camera views based on interactions between conversation participants, and follows conversations naturally.

Logitech Sight is compatible with major video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. This solution facilitates the use of hybrid-friendly meeting layout features, such as Zoom Smart Gallery and Microsoft Teams Dynamic View.


Technical sheet

  • Integrated components
    • 7 microphones with Beamforming technology, dual-lens camera, Logitech CollabOS platform
  • Device Management
  • Camera
    • Lens and sensor type: 2 x SONY IMX415 + 3G5P lens with F2.0
    • Sensor resolution: 4K
    • Zoom: X1
    • Diagonal field of view: 180°
    • Horizontal field of view: 180°
    • Vertical field of view: 97°
    • Focal Length: 1.87mm
    • Depth of field: 50cm-5m
    • Frame rate (max): 60 fps
  • Microphone specifications
    • Beamforming elements: 7 digital MEMS omnidirectional microphones forming 6 adaptive longitudinal acoustic beams
    • Detection range: 2.3m radius
    • Microphone type: Digital MEMS microphones with 72 dB SNR and 130 dB AOP, dirt and water resistant to IP57 specifications
    • Frequency response: 90Hz to 16kHz
    • Sensitivity: >-36dBFS +/-1dB @ 1Pa
    • Audio processing: AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), DAV (Voice Activity Detector) for machine learning
    • Direction of arrival: +/- 5 degrees, between -20 and 48 degrees elevation
    • Noise Cancellation: AI machine learning to reduce stationary and non-stationary noise
    • Additional mic pods
      • Rally Bar: Supports up to 3 mic pods and 2 mic pod hubs
      • Rally Bar Mini: Supports up to 2 mic pods and 2 mic pod hubs
      • Rally/Rally Plus: Supports up to 6 mic pods and/or mic pod hubs

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“Artificial intelligence”: Logitech’s Sight camera arrives…

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