Artificial intelligence: Ms. Tang Yu becomes CEO of a company

Although artificial intelligences sometimes cause some fears, a Chinese company has decided to surpass them by going so far as to appoint an AI as CEO.

the August 26 last, an improbable event occurred within a Chinese company named NetDragon Websoft. A virtual humanoid robotbaptized Mrs. Tang Yu, has assumed the position of CEO. Indeed, it is the first virtual android, powered by artificial intelligence, to receive such a prominent role. If this story seems unreal, the leaders of the said company are completely aware of their decision.

Why an artificial intelligence at the position of CEO?

NetDragon Websoft designs and operates online games as well as mobile applications. To put it simply, he invests mainly in the field of technology. Yet the company founder, Dr. Dejian Liu, has its own vision of the latter. According to him, artificial intelligence and technology are, today, inseparable. Hence this unusual choice to put an AI in place of the CEO.

Additionally, NetDragon Websoft stated that Ms. Tang Yu will participate in facilitate daily decision-making. Especially since AI will provide a system capable of manage risks more effectively. At the same time, it will serve asanalysis tool for the Board of Directors as well as information center in real time. If the functions of artificial intelligence are numerous, offering a fair work environment to workers is also part of it.

“We believe that AI is the future of business management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business and, in ultimately drive our future strategic growth. »

Dr. Dejian Liu

The company founder adds that they will continue to work on these algorithms. Their goal is to build a AI, specializing in management, which is both open and interactive. If these two characteristics are important to them, transparency would be the most importantaccording to Dr. Dejian Liu.

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NetDragon Websoft and its ambitions

Currently, NetDragon aspires to grow on the metaverse. Over time, it wants to become a working community in a metaverse. The company aims, among other things, toattract more talented people around the globe. In the long term, she wishes to achieve objectives on a larger scale.

Artificial intelligence: Ms. Tang Yu becomes CEO of a company

Come to think of it, NetDragon Websoft mainly operates in the online video game industry. Therefore, if develop in the metaverse seems like a completely natural evolution. After all, the development as well as the exploitation of online video games are among the main activities of NetDragon as well as its subsidiaries.

However, the company does not want to stop at video games and has been working since 2010 on an educational project. She wants to create “the largest learning community on the international level”. Concretely, it wants to offer all schools in the world comprehensive blended learning services thanks to the Internet.

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Artificial intelligence: Ms. Tang Yu becomes CEO of a company

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