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Artificial intelligence helps relieve traffic congestion in the city

The services ofcar sharing in free-floating, that is to say without a station, are increasingly adopted by cities in order to meet the mobility needs of citizens.

This type of service contributes to reduce road traffic congestion, pollution and shortage of parking spaces.

But car-sharing platforms face major challenges to be able to provide flexibility and efficiency to users while remaining sustainable:

– Find the ideal implementation area to ensure sufficient demand
– Ensure the availability of vehicles at the right place and at the right time
– Optimize vehicle cleaning and maintenance
– Develop the offer continuously and in line with demand

Free-floating car-sharing services rely on theArtificial intelligence to relieve traffic congestion in the city. Algorithms make it possible to anticipate car-sharing demand and activity.

With a fleet of 11,000 vehicles across 16 cities and 8 countries, Share Now is Europe’s leading car-sharing service. The service has approximately 3.4 million users across Europe.

To effectively manage and control this fleet of vehicles, Share Now bases its decisions on data-driven analytics.

It is thanks to artificial intelligence that Share Now is able to better meet its challenges and relieve traffic congestion in cities.

“Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to efficiently manage vehicle fleets and to optimally exploit the advantages of car sharing in terms of sustainable mobility. »explains Slavko Bevanda, CPO and CTO of Share Now. “As a result, a successful software solution is critical to the success of our business, and our goal of making cities more livable. I am proud that our teams develop and program the application and all the backend services in-house. »

By blending Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science, Share Now leverages data to make informed decisions about where to locate.

Many criteria are analyzed, such as the socio-demographic profile of a specific area, its percentage of motorists or even its number of points of interest (restaurants, museums, etc.) and the number of businesses located there.

Once the areas have been chosen, the demand prediction is essential to ensure that vehicles are in neighborhoods where they will be quickly re-rented.

When this is not the case, the algorithms developed by Share Now automatically adjust the rental rate to make the area where the vehicle is parked more attractive and thus encourage the rental of the car.

The aim is to minimize reliance on relocation service providers, ensuring that vehicles are always moved by users.

The technology developed by Share Now does not stop at the organization of the company, it also improves the customer experience.

From the reservation to the handling of a vehicle, the service finds its audience thanks to its speed and simplicity.

The Share Now technology allows the customer, in a few clicks, to choose their vehicle and the rental period from their smartphone, to fill in all the administrative documents and to unlock the vehicle. This instantaneous service is one of the major advantages, compared to other forms of shared automobile mobility.

Once the vehicle is in hand, the customer experience is strongly linked to its state of operation and cleanliness.

In order to be able to offer users clean vehicles in good condition, Share Now has developed machine learning algorithms that provide complete visibility of the state of the fleet and adopt predictive maintenance measures.

Depending on the duration since the last checks, the number of rentals made, the vehicle model, and customer comments on cleanliness, the algorithms are able to assign a “rating” to the vehicle and plan maintenance before its condition is deemed unsatisfactory by users.

To be able to continuously develop its offer and adapt it to customer needs, Share Now makes decisions based on data all the time. This is what makes it possible to offer a sustainable mobility alternative and to guarantee an offer adapted to the real needs of individual mobility in a flexible way.

Share Now’s Artificial Intelligence is now based on thirteen years of data collected in order to be able to deduce forecasts for the future. The continued optimization of Share Now’s offering is helping more people to use car sharing by relieving cities of ever-increasing traffic.

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Car-sharing services based on artificial intelligence help relieve traffic congestion in the city | Services

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