Check out the MIT t-shirt that makes you invisible to security cameras

Netcost-Security was at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts to learn more about IBM’s artificial intelligence projects, and in the lab we discovered a shirt that, when worn, makes the person invisible on security cameras.

It looks like something straight out of science fiction, or maybe Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, but it’s a real project. So, this simple print on the shirt created by artificial intelligence can bypass the security cameras of a specific system.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take more photos or record video of the demo at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, but I can attest that the system actually works. I personally tested this shirt in front of a security camera during the tech demonstration.

During this demo, I made myself invisible to the cameras, which really impressed me.

Security cameras don’t recognize shirt even with creases and lighting changes

As it was designed to be used on a t-shirt, the pattern printed on the t-shirt was developed to be recognized even with the possible folds of the fabric and other possible deformations, which is really very interesting.

According to the MIT researcher, the project not only considers geometric modeling, with changes generated by different poses, or the aforementioned simple crumpling of clothes, but goes further. Thus, the changes caused by different lighting conditions were also calculated, such as under sunlight, cloudy weather, indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the MIT team also thought about possible color distortions depending on the printing of the file, and possible color corrections by the cameras. All of this has been included to generate contradictory examples in the algorithms, helping the shirt to remain invisible in all of these specific situations and conditions.

Possible uses of the t-shirt that makes the person invisible to the cameras

There are several possible uses for this shirt, and while the first thing that comes to mind would be a thief using this shirt to commit a crime, the MIT researcher reminds us that it could also be used by activists to escape persecution. of totalitarian governments.

Other examples of objects or images that bypass security cameras / Photo: Nick Ellis

Other examples of practical applications of this technology are glasses that render its wearer invisible, a 3D printed turtle recognized by AI systems as a rifle, and certain markings on a stop sign that make a traffic stop sign as a speed sign. limit.

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Other MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab projects

As the name suggests, the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab was created by IBM in partnership with MIT, and there we could see several examples of AI projects as innovative as this one.

In my post tomorrow, I will talk about other projects developed by IBM and MIT. So if you’re curious about everything I saw there, be sure to check it out. Also, to find out how the simulation of a hacker attack in the Cyber ​​Range of the IBM X-Force Command Center went, just click here.

Check out my live appearance on the Netcost-Security News bulletin below talking about the IBM event. In the video, I first talk about the experience at IBM’s Cyber ​​Range, then the visit to the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

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Check out the MIT t-shirt that makes you invisible to security cameras

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