Congatec targets smart factories with its latest processor modules –

The German’s latest processor modules combine high computing capacities, TSN functionalities, 5G connectivity and resistance to harsh environments to meet the challenges of next-generation industrial equipment.

Congatec took advantage of the Smart Factory & Automation World exhibition taking place this week in Seoul to unveil a series of processor boards and modules suitable for future connected factories that will use TSN real-time technologies (time sensitive networking) and 5G connectivity to implement autonomous vehicle and collaborative robotics solutions in industrial production units.

These solutions require the integration of vision systems and various sensors to collect raw situational data, but also artificial intelligence (AI) to process and analyze this data in real time so that this equipment can react with a very short time. latency to the slightest change in their immediate environment. In addition, these industrial autonomous vehicles and collaborative robots need 5G connectivity to interact with their peers and/or with the architecture of the factory, all within the framework of drastic functional safety constraints and in environments severe.

The cards and processor modules unveiled by Congatec this week in Seoul address these different tasks by combining high computing capacities, TSN functionalities, 5G connectivity and resistance to harsh environments, in particular with an extended operating temperature range of -45°C. at +85°C. These new products include COM-HPC server modules based on the Intel Xeon D processor and dedicated to 5G industrial network equipment, COM-HPC Client and COM Express modules built around the 12th generation Intel Core processor and intended for gateways and controllers of network for intelligent vehicles and robots, and finally Pico-ITX single board computers (SBCs) using Intel Celeron, Pentium and Atom processors as ready-to-use real-time processing cores for industrial applications ofedge computing.

Available in size E and size D, the new COM-HPC server modules from Congatec include up to 20 cores, up to 1TB of Ram, double throughput per PCIe lane over Gen 3, plus up to 100GbE connectivity and TCC/TSN support.

The new ones congatec modules COM-HPC size A and size C and COM Express Type 6 take advantage of the innovative hybrid architecture of the 12th Generation Intel Core (known codenamed Alder Lake) which includes up to 14 cores on BGA variants, and which makes it more efficient and efficient to perform tasks in real time. Additionally, with up to 96 execution units, the Intel Iris Xe graphics engine brings up to 129% performance gain for processing parallelized workloads such as AI algorithms, compared to CPUs. 11th Generation Intel Core.

Finally, the Pico-ITX boards with Intel Atom x6000E series processor or Intel Celeron and Pentium N & J series processor (codenamed Elkhart Lake) are capable of simultaneously supporting up to three 4K displays at 60 frames per second and handling TSN, Intel Time Coordinated Computing (Intel TCC) and Real Time Systems (RTS) hypervisors, as well as BIOS-configurable ECC.

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Congatec targets smart factories with its latest processor modules –

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