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After sustainable design, it was on the theme of freedom that the 6th edition of our annual In Design We Trust meeting was held on October 19 in Paris, in the presence of 350 professionals from the sector. Broad topic ! On stage, the thirteen pairs who worked on the question (1) and performed in a five-minute flat format had a great time dealing with the subject with audacity, humor, relevance and in total freedom. During this jubilant evening, it was indeed the profession of designer that was discussed, with all its talents, its audacity, its creativity.

Designer, a creative profession

God and designer, same fight? the designer, “this all-powerful creature, with a freewheeling ego and whose word is gospel”, deserves its place at the very top of the hierarchical pyramid, according to Sabrina Pedroso and Yoann Douillard. Without going that far, the hilarious performance of the duo was a compendium of all the resources, intellectual, cultural, visual, auditory, that a designer is able to mobilize on an imposed subject.

Relying on derision or absurdity, the designers thus explained, illustrated and drew their daily reality. If they pointed out with laughter the inevitable constraints of the profession, they recalled that constraint avoids standardization and encourages creativity. “Creatives have always known how to go beyond constraints and make use of them”, according to Laurent Cochini, and “the more limited the means, the stronger the expression”underlined Anne Cornetto and Aurélien Fogielman, quoting Pierre Soulages.

Getting out of the frame: the duty of rebellion

Thus the freedom of the designer was invited in the words of Arthur Schwarz evoking the “liberties you can take when choosing the right fonts”, and in those of Anne Cornetto and Aurélien Fogielman digressing on the power of the color black, or even of Frédéric Granon and Stéphane Allary on the importance of the choice of creative tools. But, reminded Matthieu Le Coz and Bruno Zobec, “freedom is a notion that has to do with revolt and rebellion”. No design, no creative freedom, without “to accept a form of transgression, a way of using vandalism as creativity”estimated Aryas Abdollatti and Julian Mathis.

Dare to “get out of the box”, break codes, remove barriers, try new experiences: the call to rebellion drives designers. This is becoming a necessity and a duty towards the brands we advise. By wanting to protect themselves too much, they tend to dissolve, merge and may lack impact and singularity. It is up to us, designers, to “to make the brands cry out again with desire, joy, innovation, to help them move the lines and find the right cry, to make us dream again”.

Finally, there was talk of artificial intelligence and its generative algorithms. They raise questions in terms of creativity, productivity, legitimacy and ownership. Is AI just a tool? A superpower? “For the moment, it remains a tool, like the camera for the photographer, but tomorrow it will be our playground”decided Margaux Crahay and Jessica Bensadoun. “We designers have no choice but to appropriate this new tool and tame the AI ​​that frees the creative and allows us to push the walls”, also affirmed Géraldine Karolyi and Laurent Cochini. One thing is certain: with AI, a new aesthetic, new images and new talents are being born.

(1) Louise Laclautre (Namibia) and François Gioux (Sixth Son); Anne Cornetto and Aurélien Fogielman (Extreme); Arthur Schwarz (Type Production); Aryas Abdollahi and Julian Mathis (Red Dragon); Géraldine Karolyi (March 17) and Laurent Cochini (Sixième Son); Margaux Crahay and Jessica Bensadoun (Blackandgold); Matthieu Le Coz (4uatre) and Bruno Zobec (Pixelis); Grégoire Bucher and Thomas Ferret (CBA); Frédéric Granon and Stéphane Allary (Landor & Fitch); Marc Schreiber and Aurélien Blanchetière (Luciole); Lucas Vitale and Sabrina Terras (SGK Brandimage); Sabrina Pedroso (Creative Team) and Yoann Douillard (Atelier Casanova); Virginie Cai and Camille Prieux (E-artsup school).

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“Dare to step outside the box”, Delphine Dauge (Association Design Conseil) – Strategies

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