Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

The start-up ProovStation is raising 10.4 million euros to deploy the first network in France of analysis stations – or scanners – for used vehicles using artificial intelligence and dedicated to their resale. This financing is carried out by Supernova Invest, alongside Otium Capital, via its Industry fund, and Crédit Agricole Création.

An industrial pace for vehicle inspection

The scanner automates the process of inspecting and evaluating vehicles in 3 seconds. ProovStation works to transform a subjective and time-consuming manual vehicle inspection process, which can take up to 30 minutes, into an industrial-speed operation to handle several hundred vehicles per day.

Artificial intelligence uses the latest generation of graphics cards from Nvidia

The scanners are based on an artificial intelligence that uses the latest generation of Nvidia graphics cards and an optronic system performing an instantaneous 360° scan of the vehicle. 300 photos are taken and analyzed by the algorithms in order to establish a complete diagnosis. The gantry covers all viewing angles. It identifies the damage down to the millimeter and generates a quantified inspection report of the damage present on the vehicle.

Proovstation has joined forces with Carrefour, Michelin and BCA Group, a specialist in the sale of used vehicles. For motorists, the selling experience of their vehicle is digitized and fast. ProovStation’s automotive scanners are associated with Michelin’s Quickscan technology which automatically checks the state of tire wear.

5 scanners in operation in Carrefour car parks

The gantries are accessible free of charge and in self-service from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week, in the car parks of 5 Carrefour hypermarkets in France. They give an instant buy-back offer, guaranteed by BCA Group, for the vehicle at a guaranteed and market-consistent trade-in price based on its condition assessment.

Thirty gantry deployments are planned for 2023

Thanks to the fundraising, ProovStation will expand its network of scanners in France. Thirty deployments are planned for 2023. The company also aims to accelerate its international development, among used car professionals. ProovStation was created in 2018, based in Lyon and employs 50 people.

The ProovStation network has 130 stations being deployed in 13 countries with players such as the rental company SiXT, the Bernard Group, the Starterre group, the Charles André group and BCA. ” This funding will allow every French person to access our service less than 30 minutes from their home. says Cédric Bernard, CEO and co-founder of ProovStation.

Five Proovstation gantries in operation in France:

  • Carrefour Vénissieux (Lyon), 136 Boulevard Joliot Curie 69633 Vénissieux
  • Carrefour Aix En Provence, 1175 Rue Guillaume Du Vair Pole, 13290 Aix-en-Provence
  • Carrefour Montesson (Ile de France), 136 Boulevard Joliot Curie 69633 Vénissieux
  • Carrefour Vitrolles (Marseille), Carrefour Des Griffons, RN 113, 13127 Vitrolles
  • Carrefour Saran (Orleans), 2601 Route Nationale 20, 45770 Saran

Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

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Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

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