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Urban Circus, specialist in high-visibility clothing for users of soft mobility, and Continental, automotive supplier and mobility expert for more than a century and a half, have created DETECTABLE, the first jacket detectable by on-board vehicle cameras to protect the lives of vulnerable road users: cyclists, EDPm users, pedestrians… Worn by bicycle, single-wheeler, scooter or even on foot, this jacket is equipped with an exclusive and innovative “UrbanReflect®” retroreflective fabric coated thousands of glass microbeads that reflect light, regardless of its source, day or night and at more than 300 meters.

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Niklas Petterson, Driver Assistance Systems Expert at Continental, explains the innovative operation of this jacket: “The reflectivity rate of the retroreflective parts has been optimized to avoid dazzling the sensors (LiDAR and camera). This has been achieved by adding a fluorescent monogram which looks great on the fabric. The risk of a luminous halo around the jacket which could disturb identification by the sensors is thus eliminated. Detection is improved regardless of lighting conditions. The location and size of the various fabric inserts are strategically chosen to achieve perfect symmetry and accentuate the silhouette of a pedestrian. For example, dark surfaces under the arms help differentiate the arms from the rest of the body.”

DETECTABLE jacket, when technology saves lives

In 2021, the mortality of cyclists and EDPm users increased sharply with 251 people dying compared to 197 in 2019. This is the first time in 20 years that the threshold of 200 deaths has been exceeded. Road fatalities in general fell by 8% in 2021 compared to 2019, for motorists, users of motorized two-wheelers and pedestrians (Source: Ministry of the Interior). Based on 18 months of research and development, the two leaders are joining forces to create a jacket ahead of its time which marks a major turning point in the prevention of road accidents and already projects us into the era of autonomous cars. A jacket that saves lives today and tomorrow.

Recognized for its expertise in terms of tyres, the Continental group is the only automotive supplier to master all of the vehicle’s stability and ground connection elements, from the brakes to the tyres, and knows the complete braking process down to the smallest detail. : from its triggering by the driving assistance systems, to the brake pedal, to the tyre.

How it works ?

Vehicle sensors (cameras, LiDAR, radar) continuously map the environment and generate an image of the scene when danger is detected. Thanks to the strategic location and the nature of the retroreflective parts of the jacket as well as advanced algorithms, the artificial intelligence of the sensors recognizes that it is a human being and determines the level of risk according to the vehicle trajectory. If the driver has not reacted quickly enough after the obstacle detection warning, the AEB function (Autonomous Emergency Breaking) activates to generate automatic emergency braking. “The driving assistance functions are based on AI to detect people (pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, etc.), estimate their trajectory, their speed, their position and adapt the movement of the vehicle and its behavior if the AI ​​estimates that there is a risk.” explains Boris Lugez, Driver Assistance Systems Expert at Continental.

REGULATIONS ON GENERAL VEHICLE SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF VULNERABLE ROAD USERS: The jacket is detected by more and more vehicles every day, already equipped with an advanced emergency braking system. The European Union is going further by gradually imposing, from July 2022 until July 2024, car manufacturers to equip all new vehicles with an automatic emergency braking system.

Unisex, the DETECTABLE mid-season jacket can be worn every day with its unique cut and style. Waterproof and breathable, it accompanies users in all their daily journeys, whether they are pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, scooter riders, etc.

Price : €235.00
Sizes XS to XXL
Weight: 0.8kg
Unisex waterproof jacket
Material: 100% polyester
Colors: yellow and navy reflective patterns
Machine washable at 30°
Drying in the open air
Delivery and return offered on the site

Available on

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DETECTABLE, the only jacket for cyclists visible by onboard car cameras – your bike and triathlon magazine

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