Discover these 10 little-known professions that are recruiting more and more in France

Finding a job is not necessarily easy, especially in the post-COVID-19 period… So why not change careers? The Objeko team invites you to discover 10 new emerging professions that are recruiting!

Careers in the medical field

The health crisis linked to COVID-19 has created the need for new positions in the medical field. If the traditional sectors are recruiting, Objeko invites you to discover two new professions of the future.

medical assistant

The medical assistant is a person who can take care of both simple medical acts and administrative ones. This is a very versatile position accessible to state-certified nurses, caregivers or childcare assistants. More than 1000 positions are vacant for those wishing to change careers.

bed manager

The bed manager is a person managing the entrances and exits of hospitals. It keeps track of the number of beds available. Since the COVID-19 crisis, this profession has become essential. This is a career with a future for anyone with a degree in the medical field.

Scientific careers that recruit

New technologies and research are areas that are always constantly recruiting. Two new career opportunities are available to you this year, take advantage of them!

Photonics Technician

Photonics is a promising sector that is full of career opportunities. Photonics technicians are dedicated to any application related to light, optics, or lasers. Between 2022 and 2026, it is estimated that approximately 44,000 people will be hired in the sector. Why not you ?

Bioproduction Technician

Bioproduction has been a buoyant field since the COVID-19 crisis. These technicians may be required to create active substances, including vaccines. Anyone with a scientific bac+2 level can access this type of career. The pharmaceutical industry plans to create 1,500 jobs in the next three years.

Digital recruits, new career opportunities

In the digital age, many people are choosing these kinds of careers which are flourishing. Two new areas are in full expansion.

Internet of things architect

The Internet of Things concerns connected objects of all kinds. These are on the rise, from refrigerators to watches to security cameras. This is a career with a future, and a booming sector. However, you will need to have an engineering degree or a bac+5 in industrial computing to qualify for this kind of job.

Algorithm listeners

Algorithms are everywhere, on the internet as well as in our objects. Careers related to artificial intelligence require quality control. Algorithm auditors are there to audit the qualities of algorithms, but also to avoid biases. It is a profession of the future which is likely to increase its demand in the coming years.

The construction industry is expanding its job offer, a boon for changing careers

The construction sector is moving into the digital age, and therefore needs new profiles to expand its ranks. Discover two new careers combining construction and IT.

Digital building modeler

For decades, architectural firms have built models of their next achievements. Now everything is done digitally, which offers new career opportunities. BIM (Building Information Modeling) modelers must undergo specific training, which nevertheless offers them almost certain employment after graduation.

Construction Economist

Calculating the cost of constructing a building in order to optimize its benefits is a buoyant sector. Construction economists allow construction companies to calculate their expenses to the penny, and to be more competitive. This new career is definitely a profession with a future, in particular thanks to energy renovations. New job openings number in the thousands!

A new career in general fields

A career in a more generalist profession gives you greater flexibility for the future. You also increase job opportunities. Here are two sectors that are actively recruiting in 2022.

Quality specialist

Quality is a key sector for any large industry, from aeronautics to the food industry. This is a very large sector in constant search of new recruits. If you have an eye for detail, this can be a very nice career to sneak into!

HR marketing manager

Human resources and marketing are intertwined in this new field of activity. This versatile job of HR marketing manager takes care of both the employees of a company, but also its brand image. This is again a general course that can lead to a large number of careers in very different sectors. And the demand for new recruits continues to grow!

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Discover these 10 little-known professions that are recruiting more and more in France

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