GOAT joins the very select list of PSAN players registered with the AMF

These days, no one is supposed to ignore the importance that regulation has taken on in France for many years in the world of cryptoassets. While the controversy raged a few months ago concerning some of the largest exchanges on the market which had not yet obtained PSAN approval, our French companies are role models. Today, we are talking to you about GOAT, a French tech nugget from Lyon, which is developing an algorithmic investment solution on the cryptocurrency market. It is therefore, to date, the first portfolio management company to obtain such approval, proof of the importance it attaches to regulation and transparency vis-à-vis its clients through a level high level of regulatory and operational procedures.

GOAT, the first portfolio management company to obtain PSAN registration

GOAT was founded by a team of enthusiasts working in the field of crypto-assets since 2017. Coming from the banking, investment, algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence or entrepreneurship sectors, the team shares a common passion for the world of cryptoassets.

GOAT was recently registered as a PSAN (Digital Asset Service Provider) with the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers). This approval, which has now become the holy grail for any player operating in the world of crypto-assets, validates the internal policies put in place by the company around the LCB-FT standard (Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing), the risk of conflict of interest, the transparency of information and thus allows the client to invest with complete peace of mind. First portfolio management firm to achieve PSAN registration, GOAT also joined ADAN (Association for the Development of Digital Assets), a major player on the French and European crypto scene, and intends to reign as a leader in its areas of expertise.

But then, an algorithmic investment solution, what is it exactly?

Technology at the service of finance

Away from traditional portfolio management, the GOAT teams, firmly rooted in the technological world, have developed several technologies to optimize and grow their clients’ savings.

They provide a turnkey solution enabled by the combination of three advanced technologies:

  • Big Data which makes it possible to recover in real time large quantities of data from various sources. This makes it possible to analyze this data in order to understand how the market works.
  • the machine-learning : thanks to the mass of data collected, they train their algorithms to machine-learning learn on their own and therefore improve over time.
  • Security: faced with the risks that weigh on a market that is still emerging, they have developed a highly secure architecture of the “ServerLess” type made possible thanks to the Cloud computing.

Indeed, their solution is very specific. But let’s take a concrete look at how GOAT manages your portfolio to grow your savings.

Imagine that you hold capital in a Binance account in your name, GOAT allows you to keep it to have full availability (they do not have access to this account).

From then on, they connect your capital to their algorithm via an API, which will automatically invest it in the Bitcoin/USDT pair according to market opportunities. You then receive a quarterly report detailing your earnings, the positions they have taken as well as an educational explanation of market behavior.

Once your capital is hooked up to the algorithm, you don’t have to worry about management, which is fully automated.

GOAT takes a fee of 30% of the capital gain, and only on the capital gain, meaning they only make money if you make money yourself. The investment strategy is adapted to your investor profile to best meet your objectives and your risk profile.

Their service remains available throughout your collaboration to provide you with the best possible support and answer any questions regarding your investment.

Why trust GOAT?

It is true that the scenario looks ideal, but perhaps you no longer find your way among the mass of services offered by many players. Here are some arguments that should satisfy your appetite as an investor.

GOAT is now an easy, turnkey solution, based on the best technologies to make investing in cryptocurrency accessible while ensuring risk control in a market that is still very volatile.

The algorithm developed by the nugget from Lyon has had an average annual return of +130% over the last two years, gross of fees. The quarterly management fees are 30% on the capital gain.

And last but not leastGOAT is a French company, now a member of ADAN and holder of PSAN approval, guaranteeing compliance with a certain number of regulatory standards.

If you want to know more, go to their site.

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GOAT joins the very select list of PSAN players registered with the AMF

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