Google removes “Duplex on the Web”

Google announced that she was ending Duplex on the Web, a collection of AI-powered services that simplified the process of ordering food, buying movie tickets, and more. According to the ad quoted on a google support pagestarting this month, Duplex on the Web and its automation features will no longer be supported.

Google unveiled Duplex on the Web at its Google I/O 2019 developer conference. Initially, it focused on a few specific use cases, such as accessing a movie theater chain’s website to fulfill a user’s details and pause to prompt them to make choices such as seats.

Duplex on the web has gradually expanded into passwords, allowing users to instantly change vulnerable passwords, in addition to e-commerce verification, flight registration and discount search.

If you are not familiar with Google’s Duplex artificial intelligence guidance for users ordering movie tickets online using Assistant in some countries, this new feature is based on current Duplex technology which can book restaurants by phone.

Adoption started slowly, with only a few sites and partners supporting specialized use cases. Until late 2019, when Chrome for Android integrated Assistant into Chrome, Duplex on the Web was only accessible on Android.

Google removes Duplex on the Web

A resource-intensive process

Also, as noted on the Duplex on the Web support page, Duplex employed a special user agent who browsed sites as frequently as several hours a day to “train” against them on a regular basis., refining AI algorithms to recognize how websites were laid out and behaved from a user’s perspective. There’s no doubt that this process is resource-intensive and can easily be interrupted if site owners choose to stop the engine from processing their content.

The support site also mentions that the “service” is controlled by a Search Console setting. If Duplex on the Web is enabled on your site in Search Console, Google Assistant may prompt site visitors to perform supported tasks.

However, some brands were uncomfortable with the idea of ​​Google interfering between them and their customers. Perhaps it was the Google Assistant that broke the camel’s back. According to The Information, Google wants to invest less in building Google Assistant for non-Google devicesas he believes the hardware will be more profitable in the long run.

When does it stop?

Duplex on the Web is discontinued and will end later in December 2022. After that, all automation features enabled by Duplex on the Web will no longer be supported, Google said.

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Google removes “Duplex on the Web”

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