Israeli Seed-X and Advanta Seeds announce a partnership to improve the quality of seed lots.

Seed-X, Israel’s innovative AI-focused Agtech company, and Advanta Seeds (UPL Group), a UPL Group company, are joining forces to apply new technology to seed treatment. This collaboration aims to set a new standard for seed lot quality by revolutionizing conventional seed treatment.

“Exploration of advanced technologies and innovation is the essence of UPL OpenAg’s vision,” says Vikram Shroff, UPL Group Director. “Collaborating with Seed-X is an opportunity to provide better quality seeds and help farmers be more productive. »

Seed-X’s unique GeNee technology merges proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to facilitate non-destructive, seed-by-seed classification that leverages comprehensive seed image data to predict unaddressed quality attributes such as germination and physical and genetic purity. Seed-X’s software is integrated into the GeNee Sorter – the first sorting machine that facilitates seed segmentation powered by Seed-X’s GeNee™ technology.

By integrating the GeNee™ Sorter into its processing line, Advanta Seeds is driving innovation and setting new standards for seed quality. The use of this next-generation sorter enhances Advanta’s production capabilities, while enabling it to provide its customers with highly germinating and vigorous seeds produced in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

“After a trial period of several months, during which the Seed-X technology was applied and tested by the quality control team of Advanta Seeds, we were completely convinced by this technology”, says Bhupen Dubey, Global CEO of Advanta Seeds. “Unprecedented sorting performance allowed us to recover unsalable seed lots, meeting germination and usability qualification standards, including the exclusion of blind sowing. Thanks to its high sorting capacities, we will now be able to better manage our stocks, plan next year’s production and reduce our seed waste. »

With traditional separation procedures, an average of 10-15% of seed lots are deemed unusable. In contrast, with its advanced computer vision and deep learning technology, Seed-X offers unparalleled seed classification accuracy on individual seeds and sorting by unconventional use cases, which aids in the reduction of seed waste, and increases the quantities of usable seed.

“After analyzing over 300 different seed lots from over 40 seed companies, I believe our solution is a perfect fit for Advanta Seeds,” says Sarel Ashkenazi, CEO and Founder of Seed-X Technologies. As one of the world’s leading seed companies, Advanta Seeds will gain an additional competitive advantage by deploying Seed-X’s GeNee™ sorter to upgrade its seed lots, while saving on storage costs and operational expenses, and executing more effective seed production planning. We are proud to sign this partnership with Advanta Seeds and look forward to expanding our cooperation in the future. »

Source : Benziga & Israel Valley

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Israeli Seed-X and Advanta Seeds announce a partnership to improve the quality of seed lots.

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