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The Acréos company’s tractor driving simulator for 4.0 training at the Lycée Pommerit. (© Pommertit high school,)

the Pommerit high school is up-to-date with new technologies as proven by the latest edition of Smartagrihighlight in Brittany new tools put in place for the benefit of agriculture.

Every year, Smartagri is a festival of solutions adapted to agriculture. Exposed in a few minutes by their designers who juggle between algorithms and technical data, the effect produces a bubbling of new advances and proposals imagined to meet the needs of farmers.
Artificial intelligence is exploding and to understand its language, you have to practice it: “ontology”, “data security”, “scan sampling” or even “tracking video”… If you get lost in this vocabulary, the final applications concern all productions such as the classification of the maturity of piglets, the monitoring of cultures by satellite of ten European countries, the sustainable management of the irrigation of tomato plants or the fine video analysis of dairy cows, pigs and the broodmare.

Farm animals analyzed by video

While there are tools capable of detecting heat by measuring cow activity, Dilepix is ​​developing a video system capable of measuring 7 activities (eating, drinking, walking, etc.) in pigs.
Coupled with RFID identification (radio-identification), the system thus determines the individual activity of each of the pigs despite their habit of grouping together in the pens. ” We have much better accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. For example, tail biting phenomena can be predicted and warned before they occur“, assures Jérémy Foisil of the company Dilepix. But in dairy farming, activity measurements are also changing.
At Aiherd, pedometers and dairy cow collars are replaced by 24-hour cameras: “En combining computer vision and artificial intelligence, it is possible to monitor visible pathologies without any equipment on the animals“, summarizes Olivier Marques of the company in question.
Morphology and behavior are scrutinized to provide information on lameness, calving, weight, activity…
In the end, each cow filmed is labeled with a dot: blue color, “everything is fine”; red color, “problem”. Actions can also be controlled remotely, such as cutting the scraper, closing or opening a door.

Among the dozen or so innovations presented, note for the students of the Pommerit high school, the arrival since September 2021 of a static or dynamic agricultural driving simulator. A fun and safe way to learn to drive a tractor but also to plow, hitch, unhitch or take a roundabout… An innovation that is sure to please. Emmanuelle LeCorre

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La Roche Jaudy. Artificial intelligence at the service of all sectors

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