Lasso: a start-up invents a trash can that sorts waste for you

At the start of the year, discontent is rising among the French and, this time, it is not because of the pension reform! The reason for this grumbling is our garbage cans. Since January 1st, the sorting has changed and the service is reduced with one pick-up per week or fortnightly depending on the region. Some even improvise garbage collectors, so much the garbage cans accumulate as shown this report from France 2. The sorting of packaging would tend to be simplified and the yellow bin would now accommodate them all. There remains the problem of whether we compact, crush or leave our plastic bottles intact. For this, the trash can of the future may be able to help you. For the plastic bottleswe explain to you what to do or not to do!

How do you dispose of your plastic bottles?

Since last year, you have probably noticed that the plastic caps become attached to the bottles. This is not yet the case for all bottles, but the process is underway. This already answers the question of whether we leave the cork: the answer is yes! As for the bottle, we still don’t know if we should crush it in the length, on the height, or leave it as it is in the bin! However, we will not be able to give you a universal answer to this question. It all depends on the machines used in your recycling center. More sophisticated than others, some devices will recognize a compacted water bottle, if simpler models work “on the shape” of the object. No longer resembling a bottle, a compacted bottle will not sort properly. So there’s no need to rack your brains, the best thing is to leave the bottles intact, unless your sorting center explicitly tells you how to reduce the volume!

Lasso loop, the trash can of the future

The English start-up Lasso loop invents the trash of the future for our packaging. The principle of this futuristic trash can is simple since it will sort, on its own, the waste you throw away. But it does not stop at sorting, because it will also refuse to swallow anything that is not recyclable. In concrete terms, if you throw compostable materials such as vegetable peelings or nut shells into this bin, the bin will send you the following message: ” Here, it is reserved for recycling. I only accept packaging”.

According to the EPA, only about 20% of what goes into our recycling bins is actually recycled. Photo credit: Loop Recycling association (Facebook screenshot)

The message is clear, the sorting will be done in a drastic way with Lasso loop. A very interesting innovation, since the main problem of recycling packaging comes from poor sorting upstream. If we are to believe the statements of the start-up, the bin should recognize the waste accepted according to the sorting area, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the many algorithms that compose it. One can then imagine that a QR Code system, provided by sorting centres, could act as a reference.

Each piece of waste inserted into the bin is scanned, washed, decomposed and stored individually with similar waste.
Each piece of waste inserted into the bin is scanned, washed, decomposed and stored individually with similar waste. Photo credit: Loop Recycling association (Facebook screenshot)

How does it work?

To use the Lasso loop, you will have to dispose of your waste one by one, because if you put a whole bag in it, she will throw it away. To empty your bag, it will be necessary to spread its contents in the receptacle, so that she can sort it. But she does more than sort your waste. Indeed, it will pre-sort metal, glass, plastic and paper, which each fall into separate bins. She will also clean the yoghurt jars of labels and the glass jars of residues by passing them through steam baths. The waste will therefore be sorted AND cleaned. Clever this trash, right? More information ? Visit the site lasso loop.

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Lasso: a start-up invents a trash can that sorts waste for you

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