Massy deploys XXII’s AI

To accelerate its development in terms of artificial intelligence applied to the “smart city”, the city of Massy (50,000 inhabitants) has been using video analysis and AI since 2021 XXII as part of its activities to secure public space and maintain order.

Régis Lebeaupin, video protection project manager for the city of Massy, ​​which set up an Urban Supervision Center (CSU) in 2001, explains: “The issue of security has become a major issue in our cities. In the security continuum, cities play their part, often with the deployment of video protection. We seized the opportunity of such a powerful tool for non-security uses, capable of exploiting the data analyzed and coming from our video protection network. Beyond injecting intelligence into the city, its ambition is also to allow more interconnection between the various services and to adapt human resources according to tangible and enlightening data. »

Increasing video protection budgets

Because the city has understood that video protection is a local policy and information tool, the city’s budgets have increased significantly over the past three years. With a fleet of 208 cameras installed, an operator’s reaction time to an abnormality is decisive in supporting the intervention teams. In addition, the increase in the size of the camera fleet associated with the number of scenarios to be analyzed (illegal deposits, awkward parking, prohibited entry, intrusion, etc.) make the task of operators complex or even impossible without recourse to video analysis. in real time. This is why, for all these reasons, Massy now uses XXII’s AI, which allows operators to be more efficient in their daily missions. And this, thanks to the feedback of information via the VMS in place.

AI: tool for proximity policy

“We talk about a local policy tool because it allows us to respond concretely, quickly and in an informed manner to the concerns raised by our constituents, thanks to the sensors which are optimized. And they are now clearly aware of the “Smart” benefits of the triptych of video protection cameras, associated with XXII’s AI and the human eye”adds Régis Lebeaupin.

For each detection or pre-configured analysis, an alert is sent in real time to the VMS to be qualified by the operator who decides whether or not to send a patrol to resolve the anomaly detected. Today the city of Massy has configured its system to manage recurring problems, such as:

  • wild dumps: thanks to artificial intelligence, the cameras are able to alert when a vehicle is parked in a location for a certain time to dump waste there. The algorithms detect in the place if a significant change appears according to tailor-made software rules and an alert is sent via the VMS equipped in the CSU to warn the operator of the event. Over a period of one month, 280 alerts were raised.
  • management of prohibited directions: the algorithms are able to detect and classify vehicles using these prohibited directions. A plot is made by the operator on an image extracted from the camera feedback to identify that it is a prohibited area. Once set, the operator is able to activate the skill and wait to be notified when an event occurs. He can thus inform the intervention teams for prevention or control the author of the offence.
  • intrusion detection: this makes it possible to delimit an area not to be crossed by third parties. So as soon as an individual crosses this artificial line, an alert is sent to the operator to determine if it is indeed an intrusion.

Régis Lebeaupin to conclude: “Today, we divide by 4 the time allocated to human analysis of videos thanks to AI! This is a real time saver on abnormality detection and a real plus in managerial terms. We tend to go to a command room with a 24/7 presence that will pool all the connected objects in the city. By automating certain actions without added value, we will be able to release the potential of our agents, limit wasted time, ensure better quality of city services and professional well-being for agents. »

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Massy deploys XXII’s AI

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