Mathieu Davy: Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Technology is changing at a frightening speed. Inventions and discoveries follow one another daily. One of the most telling scientific revolutions of our time is artificial intelligence.

It is present in almost all areas of life. It now occupies a place of choice in the daily life of humans. However, she is not yet at 100% of her abilities.

How is the use of artificial intelligence beneficial? What are his limits ? We take stock in this article.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

The contributions of artificial intelligence (AI) are multiple and innumerable. They are essential in many areas and are essential.


At first glance, it facilitates the search for information. Generally, lawyers send their collaborators to search the archives to find cases similar to theirs. So they know how to go about winning the lawsuits. With AI tools, with a few clicks with the appropriate keywords, you can get the folders in question.

Then, the AI ​​makes predictions about the outcome of the disputed cases. It gives the probability of success taking into account the cases previously treated. Moreover, it goes so far as to offer the judges the best legal decision. Finally, still thanks to her, Mathieu Davy was able to develop a device that helps to quickly find a lawyer to take charge of a file.


AI saves lives. It is used in diagnostics. It uses information provided by the patient during the consultation and measured data such as blood pressure and temperature to detect the pathology from which he suffers. She goes even further by taking into account her pace of life, her profession or her habits to identify the intrinsic causes of her indisposition.

In addition, it also makes it possible to find the appropriate treatment to increase the chances of survival for sick people. It considers the characteristics of the individual and the rate of return of each therapy to determine which one has the best impact. Also, she sorts the data to highlight the substance or organ responsible for the patient’s state of health.


This is one of the sectors where AI has left its mark the most. It is the ally of the big producers. Thanks to drones, growers now have the ability to view and monitor their plantations. The images they show are of very good quality and help farmers make the best decisions.

In addition, artificial intelligence contributes to the increase in agricultural yields. It makes it possible to better irrigate the plants and provide them with the appropriate treatment. Because it automates maintenance systems, growers can manage larger acreage without spending huge amounts of money.

The benefits of AI go beyond these areas. It has also made progress in transport, energy, after-sales service, e-commerce, handling, etc.

What are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

Although beneficial in many ways, artificial intelligence is not free from flaws. It has some limitations.

An expensive solution

Implementing technology capable of performing human tasks is very costly. It is indeed necessary to call on technicians and engineers who are experts in their fields. Also, this mission requires very expensive computing resources. For this, AI is not suitable for small businesses. The investment it requires is huge.

A long period of adaptation

The AI ​​takes time to learn the tasks given to it. It is gradually that she improves her abilities. During this transition period, the missions carried out by the algorithms and the machines are not completely reliable. During this phase, the ROI (Return On Investment) is low.

The increase in the unemployment rate

Despite its contributions in facilitating working conditions, from a social point of view, AI has caused many shortcomings. Thousands of people have been left jobless due to its effectiveness. This number will continue to grow in the coming years because it continues to progress and improve.

Who is Mathieu Davy?

Mathieu Davy is a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and new technologies. He has been working in the field for nearly 15 years and sits on the national committee of digital experts. He is a member of numerous associations that bring together legal professionals.

Besides this, Mathieu Davy is also the President of “Call A Lawyer”. It is a digital tool that democratizes access to the law and allows all citizens to have direct recourse to a lawyer to obtain an initial response to their problem.

This work by Mathieu Davy is very effective. Indeed, it has a catalog of more than 2000 lawyers, all specialists in a specific field. Whether you are looking for a professional in competition law or an expert in criminal law, you will find it. The tool is equipped with a search engine that allows you to refine the results by inserting keywords. It’s a revolutionary solution that broke down accessibility barriers.

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Mathieu Davy: Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

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