MEDIPATH: a major player in cancer screening, carrying an innovative and committed vision

In France, 3.8 million people suffer from cancer with nearly 400,000 new cases each year. Cancer screening and diagnosis assistance represent a major public health issue. MEDIPATH, a committed player for 20 years, relies on and invests in innovative tools, including Artificial Intelligence, to carry out this mission and offer better patient care.

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The pathologist, the ‘shadow specialist’ of cancer

The core business of MEDIPATH is pathological anatomy cytology, a pivotal specialty in oncology which is based on the analysis of tissue and cell samples from the organs of the human body (biopsies, smears from the cervix, etc.). This analysis, traditionally carried out under a microscope, allows the pathologist to make a diagnosis and to determine the prognostic and theranostic criteria, which will make it possible to choose the most appropriate therapy.

Pathologists work hand in hand with many healthcare professionals (radiologists, medical specialists, surgeons, radiotherapists and oncologists) and are present throughout the course of cancer care. However, they are very rarely in contact with patients, which explains why this profession is unknown to the general public. However, it concerns a large number of French people because more than 50% of them have been the subject, without knowing it, of a sample examined by a pathologist.

MEDIPATH: a major player in cancer screening, carrying an innovative and committed vision.  ©MEDIPATH

MEDIPATH: a major player in cancer screening, carrying an innovative and committed vision. ©MEDIPATH MEDIPATH

Local expertise in oncology

Founded in 1999, MEDIPATH has gradually established itself as a key player in the diagnosis of cancer and rare pathologies. The totally independent medical company (100% of the capital is held by the associated physicians) now includes 115 pathologists and more than 580 employees. It collaborates with more than 250 healthcare establishments (private and public), processes more than 1.5 million cases each year and carries out nearly 10% of cancer diagnoses in France.

In order to offer patients the best support and follow-up possible, MEDIPATH has set up a local network of 30 sites (including 14 medico-technical platforms) spread over 4 regions. This territorial continuity makes it possible to develop a relationship of proximity and trust with the health professionals of each territory. MEDIPATH is also unanimously recognized for its commitment to innovation and its cutting-edge technical expertise.

Innovation at the service of patients

Anxious to develop ever more efficient expertise, MEDIPATH turned very early on to innovative devices. The group is now a major player in the digital transformation of health and relies on all the possibilities offered by new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MEDIPATH has in particular approached the start-up Ibex Medical Analytics in order to use its diagnostic aid tool, based on AI, to further improve diagnoses relating to suspected cancer. As often in Artificial Intelligence, the technology signed Ibex mobilizes deep learning algorithms also called deep learning. The algorithm instantly targets problem areas and identifies them for the doctor who now performs his diagnosis on a screen (and no longer under a microscope) aided by this lighting. An extremely useful and effective technology, with strong development potential, which could completely revolutionize the field of oncology.

A new site in Ivry-sur-Seine

In order to ensure an ever tighter network of the territory, a guarantee of proximity and responsiveness, MEDIPATH is developing its presence in Île-de-France with the opening of its new technical platform in Ivry this Thursday, September 29. Like its other sites, it will have all the cutting-edge tools and technologies to meet the growing needs of care establishments in the Paris region. The adventure goes on!

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MEDIPATH: a major player in cancer screening, carrying an innovative and committed vision

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