Moroccan Youssef Bouyakhf ​​makes artificial intelligence an ally against maternal and infant mortality

After nine years spent in the banking and finance sector, he completely changed direction in 2017 to give free rein to his interest in new technologies. With various partners, he invests in artificial intelligence which has already earned him several awards.

Youssef Bouyakhf ​​is a Moroccan technology entrepreneur. This energy engineer, a graduate of CentraleSupélec in France, holder since 2013 of a master’s degree in business and strategy from ESSEC Business School in France, is the co-founder and CEO of DeepEcho. The medical imaging start-up has developed ultrasound technology combined with artificial intelligence.

Through DeepEcho founded in 2020, Youssef Bouyakhf ​​fights infant and maternal mortality through its prenatal diagnostic solutions which contribute to the prevention of possible complications during pregnancy and reduce diagnostic errors by ultrasound. Its high-performance deep learning algorithms allow it to simplify ultrasound while giving it high accuracy.

Deepecho is a deep tech start-up that focuses on the fourth Millennium Development Goal of reducing child mortality. We come from AI Lab and we work hand in hand with the best doctors in Morocco “, rejoiced Youssef Bouyakhf ​​during an interview with Plug and Play in February 2022.

Passionate about advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and its many practical applications, Youssef Bouyakhf ​​co-founded Akumen IA in 2020. The expert firm uses technologies and data science to meet the needs of companies and organizations. In 2017, the Moroccan first co-founded AIOX Labs, a start-up studio that mobilizes Data & AI science and technology to meet the business needs and data projects of companies. It is based in Morocco with relays in France and the USA.

Before really paying attention to the world of entrepreneurship, Youssef Bouyakhf ​​started his professional career in Morocco as a trainee auditor with the accounting firm Ernst & Young in 2009. Marketing and communication management assistant with the company Garanti Koza a few months later in Turkey, he joined the bank BNP Paribas as a trainee business analyst in 2011 in France.

The financial services company JP Morgan opened its doors to him in 2012 as an investment banking analyst in London. Between 2015 and 2017, he served as a senior investment partner at Macquarie Group, a financial services organization. His growing interest in AI then pushed him to embark on his own projects.

With the DeepEcho project, Youssef Bouyakhf ​​was the champion of the Orange Social Entrepreneur Award (POESAM). He was among the nominees for the Aviram Awards-Tech for Humanity 2022, a competition launched by the Aviram family foundation in partnership with Forbes. In September 2022, DeepEcho was selected for the pan-African “Investing in Innovation” program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Moroccan Youssef Bouyakhf ​​makes artificial intelligence an ally against maternal and infant mortality

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