Moving from Artificial Intelligence to Collaborative Intelligence, Milvue’s next step

Milvue, European specialist in medical imaging and artificial intelligence workflows, is launching a community of users and industrialists to make its solutions more useful, efficient, integrated and accessible to all players in the healthcare world thanks to advantages of collaborative intelligence. We met Aïssa Khelifa, General Manager of Milvue, for an overview of the features offered by the French start-up.

“This Community, launched on the occasion of the JFR 2022, is not a simple user club,” said Aïssa Khelifa. There are of course users, but also industrialists, because when we develop algorithms aimed at meeting the needs expressed by doctors, we must ensure that we can integrate them into the industrial ecosystem. »

A community of users and manufacturers to reflect on product development and integration needs

The Milvue community will not be “a closed club, but an agile and dynamic organization, based on the concept of collaborative intelligence”, continues Aïssa Khelifa. This notion consists of aligning AI developments with the redefinition of organizational and operational processes; a particularly important objective in the world of imaging where the constraint of efficiency is increasingly strong. Various working groups will be set up, including one bringing together users, tasked with reflecting on product development needs, and another with manufacturers to work on integration programs. These workshops will be supplemented by the active participation of Milvue in the interoperability repositories, with of course an international dimension to better match the uses in the different countries where Milvue is represented.

The work of the Community will be favored by the recent selection of Milvue within the ParisSanté Campus, which will bring the company closer to all the national agencies and institutions in charge of digital health.

New Milvue Suite Features Showcased at JFR 2022

This collaborative approach is at the heart of Milvue’s strategy and its DNA: beyond the 58 radiologists who participate in the development of the company, the young start-up is already at the heart of an ecosystem with more than 20 partnerships signed in France & internationally. Since its creation, Milvue has always given itself the mission of co-constructing with user doctors the best solutions to anticipate, streamline and secure the care of their patients. “We must remember that, behind Artificial Intelligence solutions, Intelligence is above all human and collective”underlines Aïssa Khelifa

The JFR 2022 will thus be an opportunity to discover the new features of the Milvue Suite solution, a CE 2A certified medical device, which sorts and prioritizes examinations reliably and transparently thanks to the real-time detection of radiographic anomalies in the patient. child and adult. Its detection module has been improved with, in particular, the detection of bone lesions and spinal fractures, two new features requested by users and developed in collaboration with them.

Quantify spine measurements or determine bone age in two minutes

The Milvue Suite also allows the automatic quantification of more than thirty bone and joint measurements on conventional radiographs. It has seen the addition of new series of measurements (spine, lower limbs, whole body, bone age, etc.) and a module for automating a structured report dedicated to the measurements.

Two emblematic subjects: measurements on the spine are particularly long and complex, whether on a classic table or an EOS or Biomod type system. Milvue solutions provide a reliable and reproducible result in less than 2 minutes, compared to 15 to 30 minutes when done manually. As for the bone age algorithm, it responds to “a strong demand from users, because it is an examination that takes the doctor’s time and is poorly valued. In both cases, the Milvue Suite brings a significant gain in efficiency to the radiology workflow. This is the meaning of collaborative intelligence “, concludes Aïssa Khelifa.

Partner of the JFR 2022 Artificial Intelligence Forum, from October 7 to 10, Milvue awaits you on its FIA-2 stand and those of many publishers.

Interview by Morgan Bourven

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Moving from Artificial Intelligence to Collaborative Intelligence, Milvue’s next step

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