Nomadia unveils TourSolver Spring 2022

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The latest version of TourSolver Spring 2022 is equipped with new functionalities aimed at facilitating the management and analysis of green logistics, in particular thanks to its thematic dashboards and its more precise assessment of CO2 emissions.

Paris, April 4, 2022

Nomadia, leader in smart mobility technologies for traveling professionals, unveils the Spring 2022 version of TourSolver, its SaaS route optimization solution.

TourSolver is a solution designed to enable logistics and planning specialists as well as field teams to easily design and execute optimal route plans, for visits, technical interventions, deliveries and collections. The 100% cloud tool is therefore aimed at companies or organizations managing the movements of a fleet made up of mobile resources.

Thanks to its powerful optimization algorithms, its intuitive interface and the consideration of the specificities and complexities of each business, TourSolver increases the operational performance of all teams. The real-time monitoring functions make it possible to validate the quality of the rounds and to manage any hazards that may arise while maintaining optimal organization.

The latest version of TourSolver has been redesigned to support companies in two areas: improved performance and support for a greener strategy. Here are several new features that will allow this support:

  • The most accurate assessment of CO2 emissions

TourSolver Spring 2022 takes into account new fuel profiles whether hybrid, electric, bioethanol, LPG, unleaded or diesel. The solution therefore makes it possible to manage fleets of heterogeneous vehicles. Fuel consumption and gains in terms of CO2 emissions are thus assessed much more precisely.

  • Real-time analysis of activity and performance

Performance monitoring and analysis is one of the major concerns of logistics managers. To help them monitor and manage their activity in real time, many dashboards are now available in TourSolver. Pre-configured and organized in the form of themes (achievements, visits, travel, consumption, etc.), these dashboards allow you to analyze the main performance indicators of the organization in real time and to monitor their evolution over time. For example, managers can track the number of deliveries made on time or late, the total duration of deliveries or trips, or the distance traveled. They can also track CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and electricity consumption.

  • Optimization of the rescheduling of deliveries by the end customer

When a customer cancels a delivery from the dedicated portal, the new selected slot is optimally integrated into existing routes in order to maximize team productivity and guarantee the relevance of the routes carried out.

  • Easy consultation of documents in the field from the mobile application

In order to facilitate the realization of deliveries, it is now possible to integrate documents into the mission sheets that can be consulted directly from the mobile application. These documents (delivery slip, warranty, manual, estimate, etc.) can be imported in bulk by the planner into a document library integrated into TourSolver, or added by simply dragging and dropping into a customer file. If they are images or photos, they are displayed directly when the delivery person opens the mission sheet in the field. The other files are listed by type (pdf, spreadsheet, text, etc.) and the user chooses to display them and/or download them to their mobile device.

The mobile application, a real assistant for the delivery person in the field, also benefits from numerous improvements in this new version: addition of a timeline within the diary, better visual working comfort, various improvements to help the delivery person save time… It is available for all mobile resources in the field, at no additional cost: on Google Play and on the App Store.

About Nomadia

Nomadia is the leading French publisher of smart mobility SaaS solutions for mobile professionals: traveling salespeople, maintenance technicians and delivery drivers.

Created in 2021, Nomadia brings together three French players with complementary know-how and leaders in their market segments for nearly 30 years: GEOCONCEPT (optimization of routes and schedules, Field Service Management, GIS and geomarketing), Danem (mobile applications for sales representatives, delivery drivers and maintenance technicians) and B&B Market (CRM SFA, consulting & data for mass consumption and distribution). With 165,000 users and 1,500 customers, Nomadia now has international coverage in 27 countries.

With a third of the workforce in R&D, its technological innovation, which includes among other things artificial intelligence and the IoT, allows it to integrate the Truffle 100 ranking and the top 100 French publishers of Syntec Numérique.

The company is based in France (its head office is in Paris), and has offices in the United States, China, India and Switzerland.

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Nomadia unveils TourSolver Spring 2022

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