ProovStation conquers car dealerships with its automated inspection station

ProovStation unveils the new generation of its automated vehicle inspection station. The French Tech start-up automates the inspection of bodywork, tires and glass. Its station is visible on the occasion of the Lyon Motor Show which is held from April 7 to 11, 2022.

A vehicle scanned in 3 seconds
It is now 4K color cameras that equip this new generation of station whose lifespan is extended and which is more economically viable. The vehicle is scanned in 3 seconds thanks to the ten cameras, which take more than 300 photos per vehicle, and a light tunnel. Regardless of weather conditions, the vehicle is closely inspected. Then the artificial intelligence algorithms embedded in the machine study the photos to identify and quantify all the damage. As for damage encryption, the start-up adapts to customer process and vehicles through different filters.

Three operating modes are offered by ProovStation. “The result that comes out of the station automatically can meet the expectations of the customer who then automates 100% of the process with ProovStation”, slips Cédric Bernard, CEO of ProovStation. A hybrid inspection mode makes it possible to complete the external inspection with a tablet on which the operator can add additional information regarding the vehicle interior and the driving test. It is then possible to choose the damage kept or not. This option may be useful “for automotive after-sales where all the damage is not quantified but targeted repairs are proposed”, adds Cedric Bernard.

Finally, the ProovStation solution is self-learning but does not necessarily detect all the damage. Customers can add damage to the tablet or request that a teleoperator inspect certain photographs. For example, ProovStation is launching in Spain and its inspection solution is not yet fully developed for the polishing of headlights by the sun. Thanks to the data collected from its customers, ProovStation enriches its damage library, which benefits its entire network of stations.

Manufacturers, rental companies and dealers
The inspection station is intended for car factories for end-of-line quality control, logisticians, short and long-term rental companies as well as reconditioning factories. ProovStation is now seeking to attract dealers and distribution and repair networks. “The station is rented for a period of 48 to 72 months depending on the volume of passage”, says Cédric Bernard. It can scan a vehicle every 20 seconds and up to 1000 vehicles per day. Obsolete stations can be reconditioned and destined for other markets.

As for the question of whether his technology could be used from photos taken by smartphones, Cédric Bernard dismisses this idea for the moment. “ProovStation seeks to automate the process. Taking photos can be seen as a waste of time and the quality of the photos varies depending on the weather, the framing, etc. It is difficult to have the precision that we are. “

Deploy a network of stations
For now, the young push founded in 2017 claims to have big competitors in Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom. ProovStation works to order and ensures that its partner can increase to a production capacity of 50 stations per month if necessary. The start-up boasts about twenty customers present in 10 countries and stations being deployed in 15 countries. ProovStation claims to have already 130 orders for the period from 2022 to 2024. Sixt, Gefco and Charles André are among its customers.

ProovStation is based between Lyon and Paris and has around sixty employees. The next step ? Make its technology accessible to the general public for the sale of vehicles. Concretely, ProovStation aims to deploy a network of stations that are easily accessible. Terminals in front of the stations will provide some additional information. Then, the vehicle passes through the station and when it leaves, an immediate proposal to pick up the vehicle will be made.

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ProovStation conquers car dealerships with its automated inspection station

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