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Optimize Google My Business, an entry point not to be overlooked

While most real estate agencies now have their own website, a crucial element of online visibility is still too often overlooked: their Google My Business page. However, it has a significant impact in terms of referencing: the better the form is filled in, the more the agency will be visible on the search engine. Knowing that 75% of Google users do not go beyond the first page of results, so everything must be done to be among the first answers.

The Google My Business page must therefore be optimized, i.e. carefully completed, with information on timetables, address, means of contact, photos and elements of the catchment area… Above all, nature of the company must be well categorized, in order to be displayed in response to queries related to the search for a real estate agency.

Develop a social media content strategy

A good ranking on Google is only the first step. A presence on the various social networks then makes it possible to develop a reassuring online presence for sellers and buyers, by creating trust. Each network has its specificities, the ideal is to combine them. Facebook still has a large following, while LinkedIn is a more professional universe. As for Instagram, it is the ideal place for visual communication.

Regardless of the preferred platform, posting varied and interesting content frequently is the best way to attract the attention of sellers. The subjects are not lacking: real estate news, information on the local market, life of the team and the agency, entry of a new property for sale, etc…

Take care of your image, to reassure and stand out

To stand out from the abundant competition, the content distributed on the various online channels, whether social networks or a website, must be professional and of high quality. They must highlight the advantages specific to the agency: exclusive services, special expertise, etc.

Also, on all the channels used, a certain consistency must be respected, with an aesthetic and a homogeneous style, pledges of seriousness. Sharing content is also a way to nurture this brand image, by demonstrating real estate expertise and knowledge of its local market.

Improve your reputation with customer reviews

Both online and offline, the reputation of the real estate agent is decisive in the choice of sellers. On the Internet, word-of-mouth is built and maintained, in particular thanks to customers’ opinion. In particular, Google reviews are on the front line, and the rating displayed is very important.

To maintain this good reputation and establish its credibility, the key is to maintain a regular link with former customers – on social networks or by e-mail, for example – in order to collect valuable testimonials and recommendations. One solution is to ask satisfied customers to share their feedback on Google Reviews, on your social networks or via a customer review collection device.

Whether for comments on social networks or reviews on Google – positive or negative -, an answer is required each time: it is a simple way to demonstrate professionalism and the attention paid to its customers.

To save time, rely on the right tools

Website, real estate ad portals, customer reviews, referencing, social networks… Maintaining an online presence via all channels can quickly become time-consuming for an already very busy real estate agent! But tools exist to automate certain points, in particular the production and distribution of content intended to feed social networks.

Good news: this is just the beginning. Over time, solutions based on algorithms and artificial intelligence learn and improve. They are thus proving to be increasingly effective in taking on repetitive tasks with low added value, in order to allow everyone to concentrate on their core business.

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Real estate agents: 5 tips for successful digital communication – MySweetimmo

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