REPLY: Enel Improves Maintenance Work Efficiency with Quantum-Inspired Algorithms

TURIN, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reply today announced that it has implemented a Quantum Inspired Algorithm for Enelone of the world’s leading operators in the power generation and renewable energy sector. This innovative solution allows Enel to quickly identify the optimal allocation of maintenance activities for the operating units distributed in the areas where it operates.

For Enel, which claims a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide, a network of more than 2.2 million kilometers and 74 million end users, it is essential to coordinate teams as well as allocation and planning. the objectives of the operational units spread over the different territories in order to guarantee the highest level of service to its customers. Hence the need for operational planning that is as efficient as possible.

The solution developed by Reply is based on the mathematical model QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) and can be executed efficiently by quantum hardware, known as Quantum Processing Units Where QPUsas well as by classical hardware, known as Graphics Processing Units Where GPUs. Enel’s cloud infrastructure, based on Amazon Web Services, of which Reply is a Premier Level Consulting Partner, includes both types of hardware.

Harnessing the maximum potential of GPUs has been made possible through the accelerator MegaQUBOa software solution developed by Data Reply to accelerate the implementation of Quantum Inspired Optimization projects. MegaQUBO is a solution certified by Amazon Web Services for use on the AWS Cloud, through the “FTR – Foundational Technical Review” process which ensures that the software adheres to AWS architectural best practices.

In addition to identifying the optimal distribution of activities, the algorithm created for Enel is also able to calculate the optimal planning of routes to reach workplaces by minimizing travel times and distances and maximizing the time available for actual maintenance work. This results in a increase sensitive productivity and an reduction substantial from costs ofexploitation and of theenvironmental impact corresponding.

“Quantum computing makes it possible to solve challenges that were considered insurmountable just a few years ago,” comments Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply. “As we have been able to successfully demonstrate through our experience with Enel, the use of quantum algorithms to solve optimization problems makes it possible to obtain significant advantages not only in terms of the quality of the results but also in the reduction in processing times, so at Reply we are closely exploring different areas where we can exploit the potential of quantum computing to obtain key information from extremely large and constantly updated databases.”

“The need to implement optimization strategies over increasingly large geographic areas has increased the complexity of the problem correspondingly, to the point of requiring a new and innovative approach,” explains Fabio Veronese, Head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub at ENEL. “The Quantum Inspiration approach implemented with Reply has delivered significant, concrete results in the field and is applicable to both known problems and new business contexts.”


Reply [MTA, STAR : REY, ISIN : IT0005282865] specializes in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Through its network of highly specialized companies, Reply partners with leading European companies in the telecoms and media, industry and services, banking and insurance as well as the public sector sectors, to design and develop business models based on the new paradigms of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, cloud computing, digital media and the Internet of Things. Reply’s services include: consulting, systems integration and digital services.

Data Reply

Data Reply is the Reply Group company specializing in Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Thanks to multidisciplinary teams of specialists in Big Data engineering, data science, intelligent process automation as well as quantum and accelerated computing, Data Reply supports companies operating in different industrial sectors in their process optimization journey, through the design and implementation of advanced quantum computing solutions, machine learning models and artificial intelligence.


Enel is the largest European electricity company in terms of ordinary EBITDA, it is present in more than 30 countries worldwide, producing energy with an installed capacity of approximately 88 GW. Enel distributes electricity through a long network of more than 2.2 million kilometers and, with around 74 million business and individual end users worldwide, the group can boast of having the largest customer base among all its European competitors. Within the Enel Group, Enel Green Power is the largest private operator in the world in the renewable energy sector, with a managed capacity of more than 46 GW from wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Enel X, the advanced energy services arm of Enel, is a world leader with a total capacity of more than 6.3 GW managed internationally. The company has installed 110 MW of storage capacity and, in the electric mobility sector, it has set up more than 100,000 charging points for public and private electric vehicles worldwide.


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REPLY: Enel Improves Maintenance Work Efficiency with Quantum-Inspired Algorithms

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