SingHealth, National Supercomputing Center Singapore and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Improve Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Co-hosted by HPC centers from Singapore, Japan, Australia, SupercomputingAsia (SCA) 2022 is an annual conference encompassing a collection of notable supercomputing events in Asia held from March 1-3, 2022. SingHealth, the National Supercomputing Center Singapore (NSCC) and NVIDIA chose this event to announce their partnership to support advanced healthcare research at SingHealth.

Last December, the National Supercomputing Center Singapore (NSCC) announced that it had signed a collaboration agreement with the National University Health System (NUHS) to build a national petascale supercomputing infrastructure named “Prescience” to meet Singapore’s needs in terms of medical and healthcare research by the middle of next year. The construction of a second supercomputer by NSCC with Singhealth, installed on the latter’s campus, is one of the objectives of this latest partnership announced at SCA 2022. For its part, Nvidia will bring its expertise in AI via its computer models. pre-trained artificial intelligence compatible with high performance computing (HPC) and its advanced software. Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State for Communications and Information, Health, and Minister for GovTech, guest of honor at the SCA22 conference, said:

“These public-private partnerships relying on the entire value chain of infrastructure, software, digital tools and researchers are accelerating scientific results and, in this case, will support Singapore’s health and medical services. The NSCC, SingHealth, and NVIDIA agreements deepen the collaboration and open many more possibilities in other areas of medicine beyond the initial use cases. »

Partners will be able to take advantage of NSCC’s Supercomputing Digital Sandbox, which will make it easier for non-HPC-trained researchers to use NSCC’s supercomputer. SingHealth will thus have the opportunity to accelerate its ongoing medical research and innovation projects.

Support Singhealth’s AI program

Globally, algorithms are trained to detect risk of heart attack. One of the partnership’s projects is to support SingHealth’s AI program, which aims to develop AI algorithms for intelligent triage of patients with cardiovascular disease. Using big data including clinical data, chest X-rays, and retinal images of patients with symptoms of cardiovascular disease, AI algorithms are designed to predict a patient’s risk of adverse cardiac events and perform appropriate triage. AI thus allows cardiologists to prioritize patients with heart problems or identify patients at high risk of coronary heart disease on an outpatient basis. Professor Kenneth Kwek, Deputy Group Managing Director (Innovation and IT), SingHealt said:

“The adoption of emerging technologies is a game-changer by helping us improve care delivery and optimize healthcare resources in order to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience. Through this collaboration with NSCC and NVIDIA, passionate supercomputers and specialized software for AI and deep learning will be made readily available and accessible to our colleagues, to help them conduct groundbreaking research and develop new innovations that will transform and shape the future of healthcare. »

In addition to healthcare, the partnership will support a variety of research in other areas like climate science and data center operations. Dennis Ang, Senior Director, Enterprise Business, ASEAN and ANZ Region at Nvidia, concludes:

“From weather spies to life sciences, NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and software powers many of the world’s fastest supercomputers and HPC systems, giving researchers the power they need for scientific breakthroughs. Our collaboration with NSCC and SingHealth has helped develop health research and innovation, as well as other key areas related to climate research and digital twin simulation in Singapore. »

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SingHealth, National Supercomputing Center Singapore and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Improve Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

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