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American students admit to regularly using artificial intelligence to write their assignments.

Some students are not shy about writing their assignments using artificial intelligence. It’s the American media Vice who tells the facts. After the writers, it is a whole new category of people who take advantage of the writing of texts by AI. A real scourge for universities.

Quickly done well done

A biology student, on condition of anonymity, admits to using the system regularly. Innovate_rye, from his Reddit pseudonym, explains that the time savings are colossal. Thus, a duty supposed to take him two hours becomes a task that rarely exceeds twenty minutes. All with, as a bonus, often very good ratings. “Being able to write faster and more efficiently seems like a skill to me”the student justifies himself.

To the dismay of the authorities, innovate_rye is far from an isolated case. It is even the opposite as the practice is becoming more democratic. Since OpenAI updated, the software has become the most efficient when it comes to text generation. Inevitably, more and more students have therefore turned to artificial intelligence to make their lives easier. Sometimes to the extreme. This is, among others, the case of AeUsako_. Indeed, this other student admits to Vice that he used OpenAI to submit a complete essay without attracting the attention of anti-plagiarism algorithms.

Rethink the system

This is indeed where the heart of the problem lies. This new form of cheating is absolutely undetectable. On the one hand, because the texts generated by artificial intelligence have a natural fluidity that prevents them from standing out from a text written by a human. But, above all, because they are original texts. However, who says original production obviously says impossibility of proving plagiarism.

According to George Veletsianos, associate professor at Royal Roads University, the point of no return has already been passed. This new practice might even be the signal that the education system needs to be reformed. “We should discuss how we can use these tools to improve teaching. Not only in efficiency, but also in commitment”says the professor.

At the same time, Professor Peter Laffin holds a slightly different discourse. Although he joins his colleague on the reform of the system, he fears the consequences of artificial intelligences such as OpenAI. In particular, because it could mean the end of editorial staff as such. For the teacher, it is above all essential that students can concentrate on learning, and not on the accumulation of information, during their work.

Whatever happens, universities will have to quickly get up to speed if they want their teaching to still have meaning. Because artificial intelligence continues to improve…

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Students are increasingly using an AI to write their assignments – Geeko

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