TEEPTRAK: The ambition of international leadership in industrial data-monitoring

“TEEPTRAK was unable to plan for 2020-2021 as planned, due to COVID, but that will change quickly,” announces François Coulloudon, its CEO. It is only a postponement, as the IoT start-up specialist in operational efficiency has resumed its hypergrowth rate in 2021. With it, the choice to change scale is essential: “We are going to open sales offices in Belgium and Luxembourg and the Netherlands in March, then in Spain, Germany and the United States by the end of June”.

Robust offer

The company now has a full range of solutions to optimize the management of an industrial tool, whether in terms of quality monitoring (QualTrak), machine performance monitoring (PerfTrak), analysis process data from an artificial intelligence algorithm (ProcessTrak) and real-time monitoring of manual tasks (PaceTrak).

Autonomous, adaptable everywhere and available in 18 languages, TEEPTRAK solutions use technological bricks including an electronic IoT capture module to be installed on the equipment to be monitored, a touch tablet for entering the causes of anomaly-shutdown and a website providing access to performance data.

Membership and proximity

A deployment of these solutions requires a change of mentalities and practices among the industrial customers for whom TEEPTRAK intervenes: the adherence of managers and operators is crucial for the solutions to be truly efficient and give their full potential. “Cultural differences imply being close to the field, whether for sales, advice or after-sales service,” observes François Coulloudon.

TEEPTRAK will systematically recruit sales teams locally, in order to have the codes and good reflexes. The workforce is expected to triple by 2025, to reach 100 people. “We cost much less than all the other solutions, which are just aggregations of tools from different players. Conversely, we offer all-in-one. But it takes time to convince them to choose us,” argues François Coulloudon. If the establishments in Benelux and Spain are based on an activity already started, Germany and the United States will be strong challenges for the company, taking into account the potential markets.

Open technology

The customer portfolio, from all sectors, will help convince of the agility and excellence of TEEPTRAK solutions, already deployed in 150 factories: Hutchinson (polymers, thermoplastics, etc.), Stellantis (automotive), Savencia (food industry) or even Alstom (Transport) use it.

Unlike its competitors, TEEPTRAK leaves its technology open, in particular to allow it to interface easily with other digital tools. “We also provide access to the data generated, without barriers,” specifies François Coulloudon. Innovation is TEEPTRAK’s other priority: the workshop parameters already monitored in order to refine the settings or detect weaknesses-failures will be enriched by several machine learning programs, in progress, in order to further refine the analysis. and intelligent use of data. At the service of YOUR performance!

A 3rd fundraiser in progress

The second funding round closed in full confinement (May 2020) with EDF Pulse and XAnge had made it possible to inject €3 million, without giving rise to the planned territorial expansion projects. A new funding round has begun, with the ambition of raising €5 million this time.

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TEEPTRAK: The ambition of international leadership in industrial data-monitoring

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