Tesla AI Day 2022: Elon Musk presented his humanoid robot Optimus

Elon Musk took the stage at Tesla AI Day 2022 to reveal details of the cyborg dubbed Optimus, which he says will revolutionize physical work.

Robot Optimus took the stage and demonstrated its movements, waving and raising its arms in the air. Tesla said the robot runs on its fully autonomous driving computer. The company launched into a very technical presentation of its efforts to develop and perfect the robot, from its first steps to more advanced functions such as the “unlocking of the pelvis”, which allows its arms to swing.

“This is literally the first time the robot has been used without [une attache] on stage tonight,” declared Tesla CEO Elon Musk as Tesla showed videos of him picking up things and watering plants. “We didn’t want him to fall on his head.”

The robot was covered in a skeleton, with cables and hardware visible, and moved around the stage in a salute. A later generation of the cyborg was also shown, supported by three people on stage.

Musk said he wanted the robot to be mass-produced, to sell for less than $20,000, and to have basic physical abilities, such as the ability to move all fingers independently and opposable thumbs with degrees of freedom for using tools.

“It means a future of abundance,” he said. declared. “A future where there is no poverty. Where people… You can have anything you want in terms of products and services”. “It’s really about a fundamental transformation of civilization as we know it,” he said. declared.

During Tesla AI Day 2022, the Optimus robot took the stage.

Tesla said its latest generation robot runs on a Tesla computer chip, with cellphone-like WiFi and LTE (long-term evolution) capabilities, as well as audio and cybersecurity features. The company said it runs on a 2.3 kilowatt-hour battery, far less capacity than would be needed for an electric vehicle. The company said the robot’s hands have 11 degrees of freedom, an apparent reference to the directions in which they can move.

The company said it designed the robot with the same mass production goals in mind as when designing a car, so the robot could be built as quickly as possible at scale. The Tesla company said it could use the robot to perform tasks in its factories, which employ thousands of workers.

Investors and financial analysts have expressed their skepticism about Tesla’s ability to build the robot, advising instead to focus on projects closer to Tesla’s core business, electric cars.

Friday’s demo shows how Musk wants to solve one of the toughest problems in robotics and artificial intelligence: how to make a machine that can replace a human.

The Optimus Tesla robot is part of the company’s long-term plan to introduce a new era of automationin which computer algorithms make decisions similar to those of humans and improve their knowledge without human intervention.

Tesla Robot Optimus AI 2022

During Tesla AI Day 2022, the Optimus robot took the stage.

As the country faces a labor shortage that leaves a high percentage of manufacturing jobs unfilled, companies are devising new ways to automate tasks previously done by humans. These efforts have been criticized by unions, but have also been accepted when they have improved worker safety and opened up new opportunities.

If a company could crack the code for humanoid robots, it would certainly be a revolutionary – albeit controversial – breakthrough in this field.

If it materializes, Optimus could initially disrupt manufacturing jobs that make up about 10% of the U.S. workforce, or $500 billion in annual wages, a writing Gene Munster, managing partner of Loup Ventures, in an analysis.

“The global market for physical labor is many times larger than that for US manufacturing labor,” he added.

L’AI Day, Battery Day, and other similar events organized by Tesla are generally aimed at recruiting and creating excitement for its latest products. Musk completed his remarks about the robot with a nod to those working in the fields of AI and robotics.

He has declared that he was “aiming to get some of the most talented people in the world to join Tesla and help bring it to life and bring it to life on a large scale, so that it can help millions of people.” »

Like some other Tesla products before it, the Tesla robot didn’t have a specific launch schedule. But responding to a question about when it would be available to the general public, Musk said. declared that people could “probably get” an Optimus in three to five years.

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Tesla AI Day 2022: Elon Musk presented his humanoid robot Optimus

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