The open web is dead, long live the open web!

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  • To continue to deliver visible and effective media campaigns, the open web as we know it today must disappear… and reinvent itself.
  • At a time when some are predicting that programmatic display will disappear in the next 3 to 4 years, the open web must give way to a new, pleasing model for the market. An opportunity to build a sovereign advertising ecosystem, respectful of the citizen and the planet with a fairer sharing of value.

In a turbulent socio-eco-political-environmental context, the advertising market is experiencing both the end of third-party cookies, the increasing complexity of tools and technologies, and the expansion of GAFAM and other social and service platforms. It has even reached a level of complexity such that the effectiveness of the open web is questioned. However, this lever remains the preferred channel for seeking out new audiences and ensuring the visibility and performance of advertising messages. In the UK, the share of brand programmatic investments reaching publishers even increased in 2022.

These uncertainties fuel the concern of experts and their difficulty in understanding the post-third-party cookie. But to meet this major challenge, the entire market must reinvent itself and question itself if it wants to adapt to the new standards of digital advertising. This is the only way to avoid seeing brands and their agencies concentrating budgets on social platforms and the walled gardens of GAFAM.

Let’s stop putting in opposition the traditional levers of emerging solutions and let’s play complementarity instead. With the end of third-party cookies, we can no longer do without any audience. Social platforms, CTV, advertising identifiers, open web, special operations,…: it is now an ecosystem that must be worked on, striving to find the right balance between these different levers in line with the objectives in order to achieve the expected results.

To achieve this, there is an urgent need to professionalize the profession and develop our technological and human skills. Training must be at the heart of the market: it alone will create real experts in all these media levers and thus create the appropriate digital ecosystem for brands and their ambitions.

On the adtech side, the role of a chief product officer is now crucial to meet the many challenges of the market: fostering innovation thanks to artificial intelligence and the infinite possibilities of algorithms, deepening customer knowledge to create actionable insights , limit advertising waste, develop new third-party and omnichannel post-cookie measurement models. All this with the aim of reconciling advertising performance, respect for the Internet user and CSR issues.

This new playground is exciting. Above all, it is an opportunity to create a virtuous and sovereign publisher/advertiser/agency ecosystem. With the end of third-party cookies and thanks to semantics, we are (finally) entering a new era. Let’s seize this opportunity to create more value!

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The open web is dead, long live the open web!

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