USA/Israel collaboration to facilitate health data collaborations.

Rhino Health – the Boston-based privacy-preserving distributed computing leader – and Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) – the research and innovation center of Maccabi Health Services, Israel’s leading HMO – have agreed to use the Rhino Health platform to facilitate collaboration between KSM and AI developers in the healthcare ecosystem.
The combination of Rhino Health’s technology and KSM’s data expertise and know-how offers tremendous potential to advance medical science while protecting the privacy of underlying patient data.
KSM’s longitudinal data on its millions of members as well as its biobank, the largest in Israel, make it one of the world’s leading collaborative partners for scientists, researchers, academic institutions, businesses pharmaceuticals, startups and technology companies. These collaborators are able to train models in a variety of use cases ranging from drug development to early disease detection.
The Rhino Health Platform is a complete, privacy-preserving, end-to-end distributed computing platform with federated learning capabilities, enabling healthcare innovators to securely collaborate across institutions without moving data. Thanks to the Rhino Health platform, developers will be able to train their models on KSM data.

This type of privacy-preserving collaboration helps reduce barriers to deploying AI in healthcare. AI developers need large datasets to effectively train their models. Institutions would like to improve care by facilitating the development of these models, but they simultaneously want to guarantee the confidentiality of their patient data. The risks of re-identification, data sharing and breaches have made health organizations rightly cautious. Using innovative techniques, such as the Rhino Health platform’s federated learning methodology, however, enables collaboration while avoiding these barriers.

“Health care is on the cusp of transformative change, with the introduction of artificial intelligence models. However, we are not there yet.
This is partly due to the difficulty of adopting new algorithms that have been developed on undiverse populations, usually from a single source of data,” said Dr. Tal Patalon, head of the research center and d innovation from KSM Maccabi. “We must be vigilant and fiercely protect patient privacy when it comes to sensitive health data.” Federated learning, or more simply, the ability to train a model on different datasets without exposing it to any of the parties involved, is the way forward to overcome the significant hurdle we face today with the big data research. »
“KSM is well positioned to add tremendous value to the field of AI development in healthcare, given its leadership in data resources. We welcome the chance to deepen our relationship with Dr. Patalon and the KSM team as we facilitate collaborations with partners across the healthcare ecosystem,” said Ittai Dayan, co-founder and CEO of Rhino Health.
Source : Benziga & Israel Valley

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USA/Israel collaboration to facilitate health data collaborations.

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