WATCHERR: the digital guardian of everyday health

Por the Belgian company Watcherr, health must be the priority at any age. To enable people to stay healthier longer, it has therefore created an artificial intelligence health monitoring system.

A digital solution to ensure everyone’s safety, anytime and anywhere

Watcherr started from the observation that an individual’s health begins to deteriorate before the age of 30. Since the entire population is one day faced with the risk of chronic diseases, the company has chosen to take the lead with its connected solution.

With its device, to monitor the health of its users, the company uses data algorithms to predict and prevent health irregularities and thus determine risky situations, both indoors and outdoors. The device also registers other functions such as heart rate monitoring fall detection, geofencing, voice communication, step counter, wireless charging, panic button activation, and more.

To create your device, Watcherr posed the following question: How big must a problem be before we are able to notice its existence? Thanks to its sensors collecting a lot of data, Watcherr makes it possible to identify the slightest deviation in a person’s habit.

The Watcherr digital caretaker for retirement homes improves working conditions in the care sector and the efficiency of prescribed care

The Watcherr health monitoring system makes it possible to warn of a danger or an anomaly, but also to quickly put users in contact with the family or the nursing staff. Thanks to its two automated call systems (manual and automatic), elderly people in retirement homes can be directly put in contact with nurses. A solution that saves staff time, but also makes it possible to respond more quickly and efficiently to the needs of seniors. Thanks to automatic alerts and obtaining information on irregular sanitary patterns of patients, relatives, caregivers and residents themselves therefore enjoy true peace of mind.

“Watcherr is here to support care. It is a solution created by humans and for humans. It is the permanent digital guardian who accompanies the healthcare professionals in the action in order to avoid acts of “reaction”, that is, those that take place after the incidents.” explains Frederick Pouders, co-founder.

By 2070, it is estimated that the number of 75-84 year olds in France will increase by 49%, from 4.1 million to 6.1 million. These figures show the need to support the elderly at home and in a retirement home. Watcherr, which plans to set up in France, therefore seems to present today an ideal digital solution to improve the safety of our seniors.

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WATCHERR: the digital guardian of everyday health

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