Why AI Won’t Completely Replace Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly adopted and its use extends to many fields, including even creation, yet generally perceived as an intrinsically human activity. However, our place remains essential in this field, which requires intuition and morality. Creative AI may seem like an oxymoron, but AI-powered processes are already at work in activities that feed on creativity. This is in any case the point of view of the leaders of Appier, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider based in Taiwan.

The company, which harnesses AI to create products for digital marketers and brands, processing nearly 30 billion predictions a day, has bet everything on this creative AI. Its tools are supposed to help these companies provide a richer user experience and identify customers with long-term value. The latter today use AI to support creative processes such as the generation of marketing slogans, images and music according to given parameters.

Interviewed by ZDNet, Sun Min, scientific manager of AI at Appier, explains how it could now be used to fulfill tasks hitherto devolved to marketers. Creating campaigns, using slogans, images or videos, choosing themes and colors to use in advertising campaigns, AI could be useful to marketers, to say the least.

The human always at the center of the creative process

Noting that most campaigns now take place on digital platforms, Sun Min notes that marketers who rely on Appier’s technology could experiment with different music and videos, rather than adopting the same video and style. slogan for an entire campaign. The AI ​​could work on a piece of content, based on the parameters assigned to it, and automatically generate multiple combinations of different content in text, music and video, based on a single campaign idea.

These combinations could then be automatically deployed and tested on audience segments to identify those that garnered the most positive reactions. Marketers would then only have to choose the top five content pieces and focus their resources on developing them further as part of their campaign. For Sun Min, many repetitive tasks could be reduced, allowing humans to be more creative in the process.

However, there is no question of relying solely on the AI: it would be the humans who would keep the keys to the campaigns. It is up to them to provide the AI ​​algorithm with the necessary parameters and, in the end, to select the five best contents among the 100 generated by the AI ​​system, explains the manager. “AI can be creative…but intuition is still a human factor,” he notes.

Source : ZDNet.com

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Why AI Won’t Completely Replace Marketers

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