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Series of hashtags, return of the chronological feed, subtitles… Here are all the novelties of the month of March to discover on Instagram.

Promote social movements

On March 28, the platform announced that it was starting to test a new feature. Its mission would be to help people find and support social movements on Instagram.

“People often come to Instagram to raise their voices, elevate causes, and bring communities together. They are eager to support the causes they hear about on Instagram and are always looking for new ways to take action – these updates will make that easier.” indicates the platform in a press release.

For this, the platform will deploy a series of hashtags focused on popular and long-standing movements. For example, #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights and #climatecrisis. Sharing the hashtag page should be facilitated by DM or through creating a fundraiser.

Clearly, when users search for specific hashtags associated with certain movements, they will have the option to support them. The “Support” button will display more information about the movement. The “Spread Message” button will prompt the user to share it with their friends via DM. Finally, the “Create a fundraiser” button will offer him the possibility of launching a fundraiser in the name of the movement.

The return of the chronological thread

On Instagram, the month of March marks the great return of the chronological news feed. This one disappeared in 2016.

Clearly, the platform announced an update to its application in a communicated. Now users will be able to see a new display option, “Subscriptions”. Note that the application does not allow you to choose one of these default displays. To activate this chronological mode, the procedure is relatively simple. Once the Instagram app is open from the iOS or Android mobile app, just click on the icon “Home” located on the top corner left. The user will then see a drop-down menu appear which will suggest the display in chronological order. So, via the tab “Subscriptions” Where “Favorites”.

Once activated, the mode “Subscriptions” put “forward the posts of all the people followed by each member of the community”. The posts are therefore again listed in chronological order.

Automatic subtitles

Since the beginning of the month, the videos that appear in the feed generate subtitles automatically.

Thus, as soon as a user watches a video on the platform, subtitles generated by artificial intelligence will be displayed at the bottom of the video. The goal? Improve the accessibility of content. This new feature is reminiscent of TikTok’s auto-generated captions introduced last April.

A new stream

Since mid-March, the IGTV app has disappeared from the App Store and Play Store. After making this decision, the platform decided to give an even more central place to Reels and to get a little closer to the TikTok model.

Thus, the social network is currently testing a new presentation of publications. He plans to group photos, Reels and stories into a single newsfeed. Thanks to this change, users could find all the publications in the same feed.

The full-screen display will allow them to view only one content at a time. Like on TikTok, users will be able to easily switch between posts. And this, by swiping up. Still like on TikTok, the social network will only recommend to the user content for which he has shown some interest.

Deleting old comments made easy

A new feature makes it easier for users to delete posts, comments and other activity on the platform.

Indeed, a new section is now available on all profiles from the “Your activity” tab. It offers users the ability to see and manage their activity from one place. The “Your activity” section is accessible from any profile. All the user has to do is log in and go to the menu, available at the top right corner. The new “Your activity” section will then appear.

Instagram has also rolled out Security Checkup to all users. This feature ensures the security of an account and protects it from the consequences of a possible hack. A future feature should offer the possibility of letting a friend confirm their identity in the event of a loss of access to their account.

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5 Instagram news you didn’t know existed – Geeko

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