AI-Academia, a laboratory based on Artificial Intelligence in the DRC

Cyrille Kesiku, head of AI-Academia

AI-Academia is a young start-up that wants to revolutionize the tech sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It wants to be a laboratory based on Artificial Intelligence which is committed to finding solutions to social problems. Cyrille Kesiku, manager of this structure confided in AFRIK.COM. In this exchange, this entrepreneur returned to the presentation, ambitions and future prospects of his start-up.


AFRIK.COM: What are the ambitions of the start-up AI-Academia?

Cyrille Kesiku: Our ambitions are to build a bridge between societal problems, business problems with methods of solving these problems based on artificial intelligence. That is to say, to study the problems which arise at the level of enterprises, the environment. In short, the daily life of African companies in general, and Congolese in particular.

Where did you get the motivation to create this start-up?

Our motivations came after our Masters studies and the discovery of Artificial Intelligence which is revolutionizing the world today. After deep observation, we understood that our African society is not developing because of poor design, planning and execution of projects. However, artificial intelligence is the optimal response to the problem raised.

How is AI-Academia different from other start-ups, online platforms specializing in Tech in the DRC?

There is currently no artificial intelligence laboratory in the truest sense of the word, geared towards solving societal problems. is not a software development company, but first and foremost a laboratory for scientific studies, whose solutions become software for companies and the government. Currently, we are at the stage of seeking funding for obtaining (Rental or Construction) an official headquarters of AI.Academia, in the city of Kinshasa. But in the meantime, we are evolving within the University of Kinshasa, located in the commune of Lemba.

What challenges do you face?

We are currently faced with several problems, namely the financial problem, material resources (Computers, Projectors, Scanner, Access to servers, Internet, Furniture, etc.), a place specific to research and software development work.

What are the main achievements of your start-up at the moment?

Last December, we organized a scientific conference bringing together more than 400 people, under the theme: “The diversity of applications of artificial intelligence in society, a challenge to be met”. And we have a project on the digitization of patient documents in hospitals, with artificial intelligence tools, throughout the DRC. This project does not benefit from any funding, we strive to produce the result with the conviction that this will have a largely invaluable impact for the digitization of all patient documents, for years, in a digital medium. This will allow the rapid transition of the DRC’s hospital administration to digital, in order to increase the quality of analyzes based on historical information, etc.

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AI-Academia, a laboratory based on Artificial Intelligence in the DRC

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