Artificial intelligence: Capgemini partners with Peugeot Sport to optimize and accelerate the development of its hybrid Hypercar

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The Peugeot 9×8 is engaged in the Endurance World Championship (FIAWEC1), an international motorsport competition that takes place in several events of which 24 hours of Le Mans.

Paris, April 6, 2022 Capgemini form a partnership over several years with Peugeot sports for allow the team in charge of the program PEUGEOT 9X8 to rely on high-performance digital tools. The Peugeot Sport team prepare its arrival in the discipline next summer, and calls on Capgemini, whose data-centric approach and know-how in the application of AI will be able to improve the performance of his Hypercar revolutionary hybrid in simulation and in real racing conditions. This partnership embodies the commitment of both companies to the energy transition.

Artificial intelligence Capgemini partners with Peugeot Sport to optimize and

For engineers, drivers and mechanics, knowledge of the car in its entirety and the revelation of its potential will be accelerated and boosted thanks to the joint use of digital tools from Peugeot Sport and Capgemini. The new Hypercar regulations of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship freeze the hardware for 4 years, so software development becomes a key element of performance.

While Peugeot Sport is currently entering a crucial development phase in the deployment of its program, this technological support is proving to be fundamental and testifies to the evolution of motor racing. The specific calculation methods, algorithms and artificial intelligence offered by Capgemini will complement the software developed in sport and the automotive industry. This collaboration will allow, for example, finer management of the energy used, both for acceleration and regeneration (limited by the regulations to 200 kW) constituting one of the key points of the performance and reliability of the 9X8 in the league. PEUGEOT brand production cars will benefit from the progress made by the Peugeot Sport and Capgemini teams in improving the performance of the Hypercar entered in the championship.

Artificial intelligence brings a disruptive vision perfectly suited to that which presided over the creation of the PEUGEOT 9X8. Thanks to the live analysis of the behavior of the car, the women and men of racing now have a new field of possibilities: assistance with existing and rapidly changing technologies in motorsport, search for performance, anticipation of a much wider range of scenarios.

Director of Peugeot Sport, Jean-Marc Finot declares: “We are particularly pleased to partner with Capgemini, a leader in digital technologies and a specialist in data and artificial intelligence, for the development and operation of our Hypercar Hybrid PEUGEOT 9X8. Each meter covered by the PEUGEOT 9X8 on the track or in the simulator will be recorded, analyzed and interpreted using Capgemini’s high-performance tools, which will complete and optimize the data collected by the team. The association of PEUGEOT and Capgemini is the excellence of French technology that shines on a global scale. This development is the image of the Group’s evolution towards a TechCompany. »

We are delighted to support Peugeot Sport in this challenge ambitious to makeHypercar Hybrid PEUGEOT 9X8 an iconic vehicle of its generation. We look forward to making our cutting-edge capabilities in data analysis and artificial intelligence available to Peugeot Sport teams. Our common goal is to improve the performance of theHypercar continuously to make a remarkable entry into the competition » declares Jérôme Simeon, Director executive of Capgemini’s Southern Europe Strategic Business Unit and Member of the Group’s General Management CommitteeThis partnership with a strong technological dimension reinforces the historic collaboration between Capgemini and the group Stellantis. He come realizing our shared ambitions and values ​​to shape the future of mobility through sustainable and innovative solutions. »

Entirely designed by Peugeot Sport in collaboration with PEUGEOT’s Style and Design department, the 9X8 offers a brand new efficient and radical aerodynamic concept, runs on 100% recyclable fuel and uses new generation batteries, demonstrating the brand’s commitment in innovative and more sustainable mobility. Extreme research laboratory, motorsport and Endurance in particular make it possible to gauge the manufacturer’s strategic challenges. With 9X8, which began its track tests in December 2021, PEUGEOT intends to accelerate its technological development, among other things in terms of electrified powertrain and all-wheel drive system, with a single purpose: to make this research and advances available to drivers. . Allure, emotion, excellence, 9X8 brings PEUGEOT values ​​to the track.

This partnership is part of the Capgemini’s global sports sponsorship strategywhich responds to a double challenge: on the one hand to join forces with major brands or sporting events all over the world (such as the men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups or the Ryder Cup) to celebrate team spirit and audacity, and on the other hand bring its know-how to put the best technological tools at the service of performance and the experience of the fans.

About Capgemini
Capgemini is a global, responsible and multicultural leader, bringing together 325,000 people in more than 50 countries. A strategic partner of companies for the transformation of their activities by taking advantage of all the power of technology, the Group is guided on a daily basis by its purpose: to free human energies through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. With 55 years of experience and extensive expertise in different business sectors, Capgemini is recognized by its clients for meeting all of their needs, from strategy and design to operations management, in leveraging innovations in the ever-evolving fields of cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The Group achieved a turnover of 18 billion euros in 2021.
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About Peugeot
PEUGEOT is an inventive high-end generalist brand with a global vocation. Its values ​​are Exigence, Allure and Emotion. Present in more than 130 countries, PEUGEOT sold more than 1,200,000 vehicles worldwide in 2021. For its 211th anniversary, PEUGEOT inaugurated its new brand identity with a coat of arms asserting its personality and timelessness. With a range of passenger cars 80% electrified and a range of utility vehicles 100% electrified, the PEUGEOT Brand is continuing its energy transition. The Brand will take part in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) from 2022 with its 9X8 hybrid Hypercar.

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1 World Endurance Championship of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), also known by the acronym FIAWEC, whose events take place in the United States, France, Belgium, Italy, in Japan and Bahrain (


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Artificial intelligence: Capgemini partners with Peugeot Sport to optimize and accelerate the development of its hybrid Hypercar

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