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As part of their knowledge dissemination strategy related to artificial intelligence (AI), ANITI (the institute interdisciplinary of artificial intelligence From toulouse) and Ekitia have designed a regional survey in order to survey the inhabitants of Occitania on their relationship to AI, presented this Thursday, September 22.

“The results of this consultation will make it possible to draw up a map of knowledge of this technology and the apprehension of its use in our daily lives, whether personal or professional, explain the authors of this survey. This is a first on a national scale, the results of which will be shared first with citizens in order to enlighten them on the societal challenges of AI, with the academic community and economic decision-makers”.

From social networks to GPS applications, AI is already part of everyone’s daily life. How to live with? How to make it the best ally of the human? How to avoid deviations? “Often faced with distrust of this technology, the ANITI and Ekitia teams observe that there is no clear knowledge of the population’s opinion of the possibilities of AI and their place in tomorrow’s society. Because between more or less fantasized fears and ethical concerns, the degree of knowledge of the general public is not precisely identified. This project aims to give citizens the opportunity to speak out on a major subject, at the heart of their daily lives.

Sharing the value of a “trusted AI”, and supported by the Occitanie Region, ANITI and Ekitia were supported in the development of the methodology for this citizen consultation by a multidisciplinary scientific committee made up of researchers, industrialists, representatives of National Education and citizens. The scope of the target audience is wide: college students, students, digital professionals and neophytes. With the ambition of collecting several thousand responses, this unprecedented consultation will be the largest ever carried out in France on the subject. “We have very specific expectations regarding the position of future respondents on certain very specific points of this consultation: on the question of the intention of an AI, the control of AI technologies, the fields of application of AI (medical, legal, administrative, etc.) or on data sharing, a recurring element of the debate on this subject”insists Gwenaël Kaminski, coordinator of the consultation and teacher-researcher in cognitive sciences at Jean-Jaurès University.

This consultation, which lasts approximately 10 minutes, addresses knowledge of AI and the apprehension of citizens in relation to essential issues such as the use of personal data, human-machine collaboration, non-discrimination or energy sobriety. . At the end of the consultation, citizens can access an interactive restitution of the answers collected and be informed of current advances in AI.

Online consultation here:

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Artificial intelligence: in Occitania, an unprecedented general public consultation – La Gazette Ariégeoise

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