Artificial intelligence: the ten applications already in our daily lives

1 Research Suggestions

I start typing a word on a search engine, someone suggests the next one.

“The explanation is quite simple, the AI ​​takes into account the most frequently requested words together. The technology must be ultra-fast, to advise in real time”, specifies Laurent Simon.

2 Personalized Ads

I visit the desired web page and advertisements that supposedly match my profile appear. “When you open a page, there is a call for auctions to rent advertising on this web page according to the profile that has been detected: age, interests… Behind all that there is AI, this are recommendation algorithms that will say for this person this is the ad to buy. The AI ​​tries to put people in the boxes”.

Laurent Simon, researcher at LaBRI.


3 Email management

I take a look at my inbox. My e-mails are automatically sorted into categories “promotions”, “social networks”, “notifications”. I write an e-mail and I am offered the rest of the text. “The idea, ultimately, would be to have tools that are able to understand the text and offer a complete response, to be validated by humans. It already exists for SMS on some cell phones. For the mail, it is already a bit the case when there are proposals for meeting times, and we are offered to add it to the agenda directly. It’s really AI, you have to recognize the meaning of the sentence, the time zone, etc”.

4 Machine translation

I want to translate a video I’m watching into German, I activate automatic translation. Thanks to “deep learning” or AI machine learning, the translation is becoming more and more consistent. “There has been a lot of progress, but there are still limits. These tools look super smart, but they don’t actually understand. There are the words but not the meaning”.

5 Voice recognition

I want to know the weather the next day, I make my request to my voice assistant on my smartphone. He answers me with precision. “It’s getting impressive, there’s been a lot of progress. In the 2000s there were already voice recognition tools, but often you had to buy a special card, a headset and train the machine with your voice. The real progress is that it works well, without training, with all the accents.”

Voice assistants tasks

Voice assistants tasks

Illustration Stephane Lartigue / SOUTH WEST

6 Series Recommendations

I connect to my favorite streaming platform, a “recommended for you” category appears. Based on my habits, the AI ​​categorized me. “They say that artificial intelligence will revolutionize everything, but it only takes two to use the tablet and the recommendations become inconsistent. But these companies don’t need to have reliable AIs, they just need to be a little better than chance”.

7 By car, towards autonomy

I leave by car but I am on the reserve of gasoline, the embedded system prevents me from operating the air conditioning to save gasoline. I’m driving on the highway, I shift a little to the left, the steering wheel vibrates to tell me that I’ve crossed the white line. “The next challenge is the autonomous car, but it’s not for now. We are in a world that is too complicated. We cannot teach it once and for all, to a machine that will no longer evolve.” On the road, I use my navigation application which works collaboratively, but also thanks to the AI ​​which anticipates traffic jams.

Tesla cars incorporate a lot of AI.

Tesla cars incorporate a lot of AI.

Illustration Franck Perrogon

8 The robot vacuum cleaner

I don’t have time to do housework; before going out I turn on my robot vacuum cleaner. “At the beginning some obstacles were a problem, now the detection has been improved. The devices make a mapping, then an exploration strategy. They are then able to return to base to recharge.”

9 Connected watches

I go for a jog, connected watch on my wrist. It detects when I walk, when I run, my heart rate and the path taken.

10 Creation assistance

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Artificial intelligence: the ten applications already in our daily lives

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