Artificial intelligence training: take advantage of 89% discount on this good plan

The world of artificial intelligence is currently in full development and affects many sectors: robotics of course, automotive, world of games… Does this technology fascinate you and do you want to create your own AI yourself? Udemy offers you to discover the basics of machine learning and deep learning thanks to a very complete training adapted to beginners.

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Artificial intelligence represents a body of knowledge that aims to design machines or programs capable of simulating human reasoning. Present at many levels and in many fields, artificial intelligence is currently undergoing strong development. Connected houses, natural language processing, automatic dialogues, autonomous cars… all these new technologies develop and use concepts linked to artificial intelligence. If the concept of artificial intelligence is often reminiscent of science fiction and the robots imagined by Isaac Asimov, know that this technology is however quite accessible to anyone with some notions of programming. Because at the base of all AI, there is indeed a code, generally written in Python language. If this world attracts you, know that with some specific knowledge, it is quickly possible to develop your own artificial intelligence applications.

Why choose artificial intelligence training?

To help you gently discover the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, Udemy offers you a very comprehensive 14-hour training course, completely online. You will gradually approach the different concepts essential to the realization of your own AI: machine learning and deep learning.

Machine learning, or automatic learning, allows a program to learn and improve its performance on its own. Deep learning, on the other hand, represents deep learning, which allows a program to model data with a high level of abstraction. This concept is particularly used for facial or voice recognition, for example. Does this seem complicated to you? Do not be afraid, this training does not require any particular prerequisites, only a high school level in mathematics. Gradually, you will learn to code your first games using artificial intelligence in Python, making the code more complex as you go. No theoretical lessons, but practical exercises to understand while having fun. This training will allow you to understand all the underlying theory of AI and will give you the keys to succeed in your first programs.

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Artificial intelligence training: take advantage of 89% discount on this good plan

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