Atos and VMware join forces with Gaia-X principles

Atos and VMware, Inc. ) announce an extension of their strategic partnership with the launch of an integrated set of capabilities aimed at accelerating the development of Data Spaces. Data Spaces are platforms that enable increased exchange, collaboration and monetization of data between organizations or sectors, independent of the underlying infrastructure, while ensuring data sovereignty and interoperability.

By collaborating on the development of Data Spaces, VMware and Atos plan to provide an integrated set of capabilities to use and share industrial data and applications more strategically to accelerate the growth of national and regional digital economies. This approach, aligned with the Gaia-X architecture, will serve as a key catalyst for the initiative, which aims to accelerate the exchange of data through new digital platforms applying common rules.

Atos and VMWare plan to combine VMware’s capabilities in multi-cloud and application modernization with Atos’ expertise in cloud, cybersecurity and technology integration. The set is designed to provide businesses and industries with a foundation of essential components to quickly design, develop, deploy, secure and manage Data Spaces that are fully compliant with jurisdictional data governance requirements. Organizations can also use and monetize their existing data to create machine learning and artificial intelligence services, and new industry-specific services, to:

• Health and life sciences – facilitating the fusion and exchange of health data and thus accelerating research and clinical trials.

• Financial services – developing services and ecosystems for inter-company and cross-border collaboration, for example a sustainable financial platform to comply with environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.

• Utilities – optimizing electrical networks for charging electric vehicles.

The joint capabilities provided by VMware and Atos are:

• VMware Tanzu Data Services – to enable the rapid and scalable development and deployment of modern applications within the data space between teams and clouds, transforming the way enterprises build, run and manage applications on Kubernetes. Tanzu Data services are part of the larger VMware Tanzu offering.

• VMware Cloud Foundation – to connect Data Space to the cloud, including data storage platforms, and use existing data.

• VMware Versatile Data Kit – to reduce “unplanned work” using a Data SDK, which includes a foundation of essential components to build data applications with minimal effort and a plug-in framework in view to extend or inspect any part of the data application; as well as a service control manager that allows users to manage data jobs at all stages (development, packaging, installation, dependency tracking, and version management).

• Atos cloud capabilities – to support the transition to digital business.

• Atos Edge and bare metal as-a-Service capabilities – to facilitate edge-to-cloud use cases and continuum.

• Atos cybersecurity products and services – to safeguard data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

• Atos Digital Hub – to create personalized, shared and transparent platforms that enable the use and orchestration of value chains within extended, data-driven ecosystems.

These features benefit from the reversibility, interoperability and portability offered by VMware’s cloud partners. With data housed in a common peer-to-peer framework to ensure architectural compatibility across cloud providers, organizations can place their data with any of the participating cloud providers to take full advantage of the services available. they offer, while retaining the ability to switch applications or federate data across other cloud provider platforms as needed.

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Atos and VMware join forces with Gaia-X principles

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