Better Managed SD-WAN and 5G at Fortinet with FortiAIOps

on 09/28/2022, by Michael Cooney, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Networks, 668 words

Fortinet gear complements its FortiAIOps portfolio with WAN capabilities and AI operations support for wireless and LAN.

With support for AI operations on its Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE Gateways, Fortinet is helping its customers get better insight into the networks connecting their distributed assets and respond faster to resolve issues. . Extension of the FortiAIOps platform, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), enables the OEM to collect network data and perform analysis to facilitate identification and automation of problem solving. The addition of Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE complements the FortiAIOps portfolio, which already supported WAN, wireless LAN, and LAN operations on a single console to manage and secure wired and wireless connectivity. The FortiAIOps service works with the FortiGate family of hardware and virtual components running on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. FortiAIOps provides hardware and software configuration recommendations and can suggest simpler methods for resolving issues. This solution complements Fortinet’s Security Fabric, which includes Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities, as well as threat detection and correlation capabilities , alert distribution, and threat research and analysis.

On the same subject1st 5G experiment with Verizon and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+As reported by Fortinet, threat intelligence is collected by FortiGuard Labs, which processes some 100 billion security events per day – from zero-day threats to malware – from more than 6 million of devices in the world. The system learns what normal behavior looks like on the network so it can react quickly when something goes wrong, said Nirav Shah, vice president of products at Fortinet. “We can also spot network and security trends and let the network operations team know they need to act now, not wait for something later,” the leader said. The idea is to maximize network visibility and reduce trouble tickets, he said. By adding AIOps support to its Secure SD-WAN offering, the platform can track metrics on ISP interfaces, system resources, and bandwidth, and highlight where in the WAN issues may be occurring, said Fortinet’s vice president of products. That way, rather than going through all the different manual troubleshooting steps, the network operations team immediately knows where the problem is and whether it’s the data center’s or the ISP’s transport system, Ms. Shav. The platform also collects 5G and LTE metrics to identify trends in these environments, particularly in retail and healthcare applications, Shav said. This release allows customers to understand 5G metrics, monitor saturation of high traffic links to avoid performance drops. We can understand how the network works and see if it tends to saturate. We alert the operations team if a line is close to saturation, so they can plan for capacity before a problem arises, Shav added.

AIOps support is part of recent steps Fortinet has taken to bolster its portfolio. The latest version of FortiOS 7.2, released recently, had 300 new features, including AI support to stop network threats faster, sandboxing to fight ransomware attacks, and improved SD- WAN at branch and edge level. Adding enhanced analytics to the SD-WAN service also helps measure the performance of connected voice and video applications. FortiOS 7.2 is also enhanced with automated deployment and orchestration features to simplify setting up, securing and managing branch networks. The new features of the FortiAIOps platform are available now.

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Better Managed SD-WAN and 5G at Fortinet with FortiAIOps

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