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Since its publication at the end of November 2022, GPT the chatbot of the American company OpenAI has become a global phenomenon. This solution is presented as a breakthrough in the world of artificial intelligence.

Concretely, it works like an assistant who can be asked all sorts of things, write an article, a poem, lines of code, invent a joke, describe a story in a given style (like Voltaire for example), etc. The solution is made available to the public free of charge for the purpose of research and improved results.

“Today, GPT is making noise because it released high performance texts. The language is polished, the sentence structures are very well done, but it’s just a new version of GPT-3,” Medias24 told Media24. Amal El Fallah Seghrouchniprofessor at the Sorbonne University and executive president of AI Movement at UM6P.

“This new version of GPT is able to generate content and text generation. It can also generate tables, poetry, and even synthesize information from big data. To the point that today, we can create a review or a magazine completely made by robots. They look for information on the web, synthesize it and write articles,” she adds.

“GPT is for all languages. These are neural networks which are very large and which manipulate 175 billion parameters. That is to say that the neural network, when it looks for the answer, will make billions of parameters work, hence its efficiency,” she underlines.

NLP, the technology behind ChatGPT

ChatGPT is based on the technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP). “It is a branch of artificial intelligence, which concerns the natural language processing. This includes translation, text classification, paragraph processing, semantics, etc. “, describe Maha Gmiraprofessor at the School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the Euromed University of Fez, contacted by Médias24.

“For example, to process semantics, the algorithm starts from a paragraph to identify the character, then find it several pages later, etc. For text classification, it is based on a library with several books or natural language processing models and it manages to classify books whether they are history books, romantics, etc. »

According to Maha Gmira, the particularity of GPT 3.5, the current version which will have to evolve towards GPT 4, is due to the fact that it is trained on a lot of data, about 8 million textswhich makes it particularly efficient.

“Training an artificial intelligence consists in feeding an algorithm with input data, and that it begins to learn and extract correlations and inferences from trained data. And in output, there is always a response, either a classification, or a treatment, etc. “, she explains.

The more you train an AI algorithm, the better the response will be.. But at the same time, when you train an algorithm on very specific things, it lacks generalization; it is a great principle in artificial intelligence. So to come back to the GPT model, its strength since 2018 is to be trained on a large and diverse database. That is, you can make a request to GPT like: ‘Give me a level 1 math exercise in Morocco’, he will give it; as one can ask a more philosophical question, he will find the answer. This is the strength of this model,” she adds.

OpenAI, the company behind this chatbot, was created as a non-profit organization in order to democratize artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity. It enters a branch called AI for social good. “It’s about taking an interest in artificial intelligence from a humanitarian aspect: we democratize it and make it affordable, explainable and interpretable for ordinary citizens; and not a technology in the hands of big companies to generate money”, underlines Maha Gmira.

NLP, according to ChatGPT

Medias24 has tested ChatGPT. We asked him to explain what the PLN was. Here is his response:

“Natural language processing (PLN) is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and manipulate human language. This allows machines to ‘read’ and ‘understand’ text or speech in their natural form, as a human would.PLN is an ever-evolving field and has seen many advances in recent years, thanks to the increasing use of deep learning.

“PLN has many practical applications like voice assistants, chatbots and machine translation systems. It is also used in research, healthcare, finance and security. For example, it can be used to analyze medical data, to detect financial fraud or to monitor online communications for security purposes.

“The PLN also presents challenges, particularly when it comes to understanding the nuances and undertones of human language. In addition, it must take into account differences in languages, dialects and writing styles. However , thanks to continuous advances in the field of AI, the PLN is becoming more and more accurate and reliable.

“In summary, natural language processing is an ever-evolving area of ​​AI that allows machines to understand and manipulate human language. It has many practical applications and it continues to grow to become increasingly accurate and reliable.”

How creative can he be?

We then asked him to write a poem about the national team in the World Cup. Here is what it gives:

“The Lions of Morocco made the heart vibrate

By qualifying for the semi-finals

In this global competition

Where the best team will win.

Their talent, their determination

Have impressed fans around the world

And now they’re ready

To meet this new challenge.

May their story continue

And let them show us their bravery

Because for Morocco, it is a great pride

To have such a strong and passionate team.”

The result is not breathtaking but we can salute the test.

We then asked him to invent a joke about the World Cup. Here is his response:

“Why is the FIFA World Cup like a math book? Because it always ends up with Germans.”

Not a bad try, although this time the Germans went out in the first round.

According to Maha Gmira, this lack of creativity is completely normal. She believes that robots will not be able to be as creative and touch the senses as much as humans. Creative professions still have a bright future ahead of them, but robots such as ChatGPT can have an assistant role in improving productivity.

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ChatGPT, the super robot with artificial intelligence that is shaking up the web – Media24

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