Cheezam, a shazam to recognize one of the 9000 existing varieties of cheese

All over the world, France is the country known for being the country with 1000 cheeses! Bleu de Bresse, Camembert de Normandie, Comté, Brie de Melun, Crottin de Chavignol, etc. The list is long and cheese lovers know that in our country, they are going to enjoy it… You probably know the Shazam application, which allows you to “shazam” a piece of music in order to find out the title and the performer… Now , you will be able to “cheezam” cheeses thanks to the Cheezam application, invented by two start-ups, French of course! An application which is not, let’s face it, of capital importance, but which can allow you to cultivate yourself… And the cultivation of cheese is a bit like the cultivation of beets for Alphonse Brown. Discovery!

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How does Cheezam work?

For Shazam, just launch the app and play the music track. But for cheese, it is more difficult to identify it thanks to the sound it produces… The two start-ups and Isahit imagined the application on the model of Shazam, but she recognizes the cheeses thanks to a photo of them. Based on artificial intelligence, the Cheezam application has a database of more than 9000 photos!

And since a good cheese is often accompanied by a good French wine*, the application will even help you choose the right combination. You can download the app for free at App Store and Google Play and even use the online service The opinions shared by users are rather critical… Indeed, how to differentiate a Brie de Meaux from that of Melun or Nangis from a photo? The application has just been launched, maybe give it time to improve?

An application to dose the raclette?

We grant you it’s not really raclette season, but it’s always good to know for next winter. At the same time, raclette is like the famous sausage, there is no time to eat it! Invented by people from Lyon, the Raclette.World application allows you to dose the quantities of cheese, potatoes and charcuterie according to the number of guests… A useful and ultimately anti-waste applicationbecause the remains of raclette are often substantial!

PlantNet, nature’s shazam

This has little to do with food, but can be very useful. PlantNet, available at App Store and Google Playwill allow you toidentify plants during a walk for example… This application identifies all the plants from a photo taken of the plant. A little botanist on the smartphone can be useful when you find plants that seem edible, but are actually poisonous.

Champignouf, the mushroom shazam!

In the same vein, you also have Champignouf, an application (App Store / Google Play) essential if you go mushroom picking! Some are beautiful but deadly, others ugly but delicious… And when it comes to mushrooms, it is better to distrust appearances. This application could even save your life by simply taking a photo of the discovered mushroom before picking it!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under the age of 18.

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Cheezam, a shazam to recognize one of the 9000 existing varieties of cheese

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