Connected and smart vacuum cleaners to help you clean up

The latest models of vacuum cleaners are increasingly connected and intelligent. At the technological level, they clearly cross a course. Frédéric Simottel presents the very latest novelties.

It’s time for the big spring cleaning. And there’s nothing like a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner to help you out. Not only are the new machines more powerful but also more precise and multifunctional.

For example, the Deebot X1 Omni from Ecovacs is a robot that also automatically vacuums and empties its waste and washes the floor. Its intelligence is in its sensors which embed the must of navigation technologies, better than those of an autonomous car.

Its laser telemetry navigation system works whatever the lighting conditions. A 3D visualization system is added to it which identifies all the objects in its path (cables, shoes, bins, socks, bags, etc.) and it recognizes the objects, which allows it to enrich its image database itself.

A vacuum cleaner that does everything, all by itself, as soon as it is plugged in

Its navigation system knows exactly how to map rooms in 3D and does not go back to the same place twice. We can even provide him with a map of the rooms via a mobile application, by positioning the furniture. He’ll know which furniture to go under and vacuum, clean harder and won’t bump into objects in his path.

In addition, the user can program the water/detergent passage and the drying passage with its integrated mops. And since he has a camera, you can even follow his progress and monitor his house remotely at the same time (or his pet).

Its docking station automatically empties the dust bag and automatically fills the water tank. It cleans and dries mops with a hot air program to prevent odors and mould. In short, once connected, it takes care of everything.

Last thing, it is not noisy, one can operate it even being in the same room and has a voice-activated interface. Price of this little jewel of technology: 1,300 euros all the same.

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A powerful carpet cleaner

It’s almost a professional device. It’s called the Carpet One, it’s a rug and carpet cleaner. Vacuum cleaners, cleaners, dryers but above all, it will take care of the most stubborn dirt on its own. The on-board technology detects the presence of dirt and will automatically adjust the suction power and the water flow.

A light ring changes from blue to red if it spots dirtier spots, even at depth. It gives you all this information via a screen that informs you of the humidity level of the cleaned surface, the remaining water level…, all for 500 euros.

A robot butler

For its part, Samsung’s Bot Handy takes care of everything, for you: loose socks, badly stored remote, etc. He even knows how to fill and empty the dishwasher or even pour you a drink when you’re on the couch. A small humanoid equipped with an articulated arm and a claw that patrols the house…

Thanks to a camera coupled with artificial intelligence, it is able to analyze the shape and texture of objects. It’s obvious for a human, but a book and a towel are very different to take in hand, to grasp. On the promotional video, everything works miraculously well. We are waiting to see it in action now.

Frederic Simottel (edited by MM)

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Connected and smart vacuum cleaners to help you clean up

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