DeepSquare migrates to Avalanche (AVAX) to offer a decentralized and green cloud

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DeepSquare lands on Avalanche

The information is now official. DeepSquare announced the migration of its protocol from Ethereum (ETH) to the Avalanche network (AVAX). More specifically, the project announced the launch of its own subnet on this blockchain, in order to build the first protocol of high performance computing (HPC) for companies.

the high performance computingbetter known as High Performance Computing, involves processing data and performing complex calculations at very high speeds. The supercomputers used in this context are particularly dedicated to meteorological precision, cryptanalysis, simulations in finance and insurance, training artificial intelligence, various physical simulations, etc.

In the era of the race for the greatest computing power and therefore for the most efficient technologies, the stakes are high for businesses and states.

“The values ​​of Avalanche and DeepSquare align perfectly. Avalanche is community-driven, environment-driven and performance-driven. These three elements are at the heart of DeepSquare’s mission and make Avalanche the ideal solution. »

It has been several months since the DeepSquare team work to prepare for this migration. Convinced that this will boost the adoption and development of the project in the future, the community greatly appreciated the news.

The transition to Avalanche offers full scalability, much lower transaction fees and high execution speeds, so more in tune with community expectations. But above all, it will make it possible to match the ecological and sustainable values ​​of DeepSquare.

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What is DeepSquare?

Halfway between two worlds, that of the blockchain and that of traditional companiesDeepSquare is building a decentralized and eco-friendly high-performance computing protocol on the Avalanche blockchain.

Its objective is to provide organizations and individuals a cloud service having the necessary computing skills to address their current issues.

To assess the potential of such a product, one must look at the size of the high performance computing market. According to a study by MarketsandMarkets, this market, valued at $37.8 billion in 2020, should approach $50 billion with an estimated annual growth of 5.5%.

DeepSquare has thus built a market place for Cloud Computing applications to fuel innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse and Web 3.0 in a transparent and inclusive way.

This is governed by DPS token holders, who will soon be able to vote on various system settings (e.g. infrastructure price, community fees, token generation schedule, etc.).

When we think of high computing power, we often imagine disproportionate energy consumption. DeepSquare clusters are optimized to use only renewable energyto exploit the latest advances in cooling and heat recovery technology and thus guarantee the highest level of sustainability.

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DeepSquare migrates to Avalanche (AVAX) to offer a decentralized and green cloud

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