DeepStory, when algorithms make your photos speak! – MAGAZINEVIDEO

MyHeritage, of which we know the DNA kits capable of revealing its origins and the sublime / colorized photos or even the deblurring of old photos, launched in March 2022 a new rather spectacular service: named DeepStorythe principle is to animate and make a person speak from a simple photo!

There are few feelings stronger than hearing and making a person speak when they were young, or dead.

I tried, and it’s quite spectacular indeed.


DeepStory when algorithms make your photos speak MAGAZINEVIDEO

The spectacular character is due to the fact that the algorithms create a video animation from one (or more) photo(s) by simultaneously animating the movement of the lips, the eyes, the eyebrows and the head (very successful), which , associated with speech, provides an approximate realism but realistic enough to be disturbing.

The principle of animation is not new in itself, MyHeritage has already launched Deep Nostalgia, a program capable of animating family photos. He added here the movement of the lips, the program of vocal transcription from a script, and the choice of human voices. And changed everything!

The procedure for creating a DeepStory is simple, as usual with the MyHeritage editor: we create a first “chapter”, which consists of importing a photo and entering the name / first name of the face of the chosen person, then entering the text that the ancestor must pronounce. The face must be quite visible, it is very important. A distant face will fail, I paid the price. Even if there are several people, the artificial intelligence will not know which face to refer to.

Then we ask the application to calculate the “story” and the movements that go with it. It takes a good 12 minutes, be patient. Keep in mind that the more chapters you add, the longer the creation time will be. You can modify the DeepStory in all its aspects at any time.

1651840701 982 DeepStory when algorithms make your photos speak MAGAZINEVIDEO


The story can expand considerably insofar as MyHeritage offers to add other chapters integrating each time a different photo, with a new text of your choice. Possible family themes are siblings, grandchildren, education, profession, hobbies, personal anecdotes and even a “free text”.

1651840701 718 DeepStory when algorithms make your photos speak MAGAZINEVIDEO

Thanks to this range of additional choices, we can thus build a much more elaborate “story”. In this case, the face will be placed momentarily in thumbnail in favor of the voice, listenable as a “voice-over” superimposed on the photos…

Finally, MyHeritage has made it easy to write your text in the form of automatic matches with historical data, based on the person’s genealogical elements that MyHeritage also offers.


Anyway, the feature is a success and you can share or download your Deepstory. But some points can disappoint or can be improved:

First, the synchro-labial leaves something to be desired. She’s far from perfect, don’t be surprised. The mechanics of the lips is very automated even if it is of course what is the most difficult to reproduce.

1651840702 42 DeepStory when algorithms make your photos speak MAGAZINEVIDEO

Then the number of “voice” options is quite limited: only three voices for female tones (including a Belgian), the same for men. A commendable intention: the ability to slow down or speed up (slightly) the flow of the voice.

The tone of the voice never changes even in the event of a question which would suppose a voice which goes up in the acute ones.

If the diction of the sentences suffered no gross error, on the other hand the comprehension leaves something to be desired. Thus “I am no longer of this world” has become “I am no longer” of this world (like the number Plus). Another blunder: a “finally…” of hesitation was pronounced as a “finally”. Ok, it’s hard for algorithms to manage such fine language elements, but the DeepStory should be inspired by Deep learning!You can learn almost anything from a computer.

You can create as many DeepStory as you want and watch your DeepStory on the MyHeritage mobile app.

1651840702 467 DeepStory when algorithms make your photos speak MAGAZINEVIDEO

Attention, the application is falsely free, that is to say limits a few tries. Then you have 14 “free” days to take advantage of all the photo functions of MyHeritage and then a monthly subscription (cancellable at any time) of $11.88 / month.

We wish to give thanks to the author of this short article for this amazing web content

DeepStory, when algorithms make your photos speak! – MAGAZINEVIDEO

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