European Artificial Intelligence Week from March 14 to 18, 2022

Why is AI sometimes called “the new electricity”? How can AI improve healthcare? What are the European Union and its Member States doing to ensure trust and legality without stifling innovation? How to use artificial intelligence in an ethical and responsible way? How can we anticipate the future of jobs in a society that is changing so rapidly? How are AI start-ups and scale-ups developing in our countries? What are public institutions planning to unlock the potential of AI? Are immersive technologies an opportunity or a threat in the media landscape? What are the financing and investment possibilities? How can I learn AI, where to start? The European AI Week proposes to answer these questions and many others.

A varied program

European AI Week runs from Monday March 14 to Friday March 18, 2022. The program includes inspiring talks, workshops, new research insights, new publications and citizen debates. During this week, organized by FPS BOSA, AI4Belgium and its many partners across Europe, everyone – expert or not – will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating perspectives of artificial intelligence in the world.

Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State for Digitalization:

This event aims to highlight the increasingly significant influence and potential of artificial intelligence as it develops in Belgium and Europe. AI is already present everywhere and is developing at an amazing speed. Today it has and will have an even greater impact on the way our societies are managed and organized. This week should contribute to highlighting the actions and projects in progress, but even more so, the synergies and collaborations that can arise from our exchanges.. »

After the success of the 2021 edition, the AI4Belgium ecosystem is back to share the achievements and goals of companies, citizens, institutions and working groups that work all year round to make the world a better place through AI.

Nathanael Ackerman, AI manager of FPS BOSA and AI4Belgium:

“The advent of artificial intelligence and the transformations it brings about forcefully invites us to think about the world of tomorrow, individually and at the level of society, as human beings, or as community and to place our values ​​at the center of the debates. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes referred to as new electricity, is that it is not just a technological advancement. »

A rich program

European AI Week covers a wide range of topics. Here are a few.

Health care. Citizens expect a lot from AI in the medical field. Citizens can benefit from better and personalized medicine, but also from faster and more accurate diagnoses. It is also essential that healthcare staff be relieved of administrative or repetitive tasks so that they can focus more on patients. In the field of health and biotechnology, Belgium is a valley of opportunities for research, investment and business. AI week will be marked by significant attention given to the theme of health.

Young people. For young people, digital, fast and personalized services are normal. Is the world changing fast enough to deal with this situation? What are their dreams in an ever-changing world? (How) do we listen to them?

Skills and the future of jobs. What is the impact of AI on current professions? What do our “desirable futures” look like? How to think about the future of work? Should the education system evolve to meet the challenges of acquiring 21st century skills? Existing training courses on AI in Belgium will be presented.

Trust. How to ensure that AI applications are trustworthy? What is the role of artificial intelligence in our society?

Environment. What does Frugal AI mean? Since AI needs energy (e.g. electricity to store data), it is investigated whether AI brings more benefits than harm to the environment.

blockchain. AI makes it possible to generate, exchange, recognize and process an unimaginable amount of data. What about data security and its circulation between actors? By keeping a safe record of all exchanges through a huge “ledger” held virtually by thousands of people, blockchain provides a level of security that preserves data from corruption, tampering and hacking.

The media. AI can profoundly influence, recognize, modify or falsify texts, images and voices. What about the quality of information today? How will immersive and augmented technologies affect our lives? What about the value and role of digital elements such as NFT? Join the new launch of AI4media and travel with us on an immersive journey.

#BreakTheBias. In keeping with the International Women’s Day theme “#BreakTheBias”, this event will highlight the challenges and opportunities of creating a diverse and inclusive AI ecosystem. The event will spotlight women digital innovators and entrepreneurs who are harnessing AI for social impact, and discuss ways in which policymakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs can work together to create an ecosystem of More inclusive AI.

Start-ups and companies. Our Belgian start-ups and scale-ups specializing in artificial intelligence will be highlighted, several sessions will address the issue of carrying out these first AI projects. An inventory of the application of AI in companies will be unveiled (Flanders initiative).

AI in public services. We will address the issues of success factors, “enablers” and barriers to the implementation of AI within public services, illustrating our remarks with concrete projects. Perceptions and drivers for the introduction of AI in public services will also be discussed.

Stronger through (international) cooperation

Jack Hamande, Director General of Digital Transformation at FPS BOSA:

“The future is being built today, by bringing together actors from the public and private sectors, academia and civil society, the AI ​​week aims to connect the various stakeholders around societal themes and determine how to take advantage of AI in all areas while giving major importance to ethics. »

The AI4EU platform, with representatives of national and international AI hubs and networks such as CLAIRE, will also participate in strengthening the ecosystem, generating positive energy and creating opportunities for export or of foreign investment. The state of play in Europe will also be presented. We’ll go all the way to Japan and Canada to learn about AI best practices.


The European AI Week takes place from Monday March 14 to Friday March 18, 2022. This event is hybrid and consists of physical (10%) and online (90%) (videoconference and Youtube) sessions.

Participation in the sessions is free. You can register for one or more sessions via this link.

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European Artificial Intelligence Week from March 14 to 18, 2022

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